Top 5 Best 180cc Bikes that you can own in India 2017

No matter in which country you are residing, a well-built bike is one the greatest desires you have. 180 cc segment is considered to be the powerful and sturdy segment as it offers really speedy bikes. We have come up with a list of top 5 such bikes in India in 180 cc segment this time. Get the one that is best suited for you.

1. Bajaj Pulsar 180

Bajaj pulsar 150

Bajaj pulsar 180 is a powerpacked bike in pulsar series by Bajaj. With a powerful engine of 178.6 cc you can attain a speed of 0-60 kmph in just 4.4 seconds which is fast pretty fast. Talking about specs of engine its a 4-stroke DTS-i air cooled engine which can produce a power of 17.02 bhp @85000 rpm and a torque of 14.22nm @ 6500 rpm. With such great engine it can take you to a top speed of up to 125 kmph.

Cost: 80-85k approx.






3 responses to “Top 5 Best 180cc Bikes that you can own in India 2017”

  1. pankaj parihar Avatar
    pankaj parihar

    honda hornet 160r vs tvs apache vs yamaha fz…. which bike should I buy?

    1. Santosh Avatar

      As per my opinion TVs apache is best. It has very good pickup.

  2. sujeesh Avatar

    Apache a very good bike..

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