Top 5 Best 125cc Scooters In India

Scooties are the latest and the trendiest thing that is gaining the popularity amongst the customers. In the following article we have mentioned the 5 best scooty with a powerful engine displacement of 125 cc. these 5 scooters are the best in terms of price mileage and power as well.

1. Piaggio Vespa VX

Piaggio Vespa VX

The whole new Vespa VX manufactured by Piaggio is powered up by a 125 cc engine that churns out a power of 10 PS. This SCOOTER is equipped with a front disc brake which makes it a super safe scooter on busy roads. The Piaggio Vespa VX costs a lil extra and you may feel that it’s not priced properly according to the Indian market. But great and the best things always cost a lil extra, so you should not hesitate on spending over this master piece.

Cost:70k approx.






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