Top 9 Best 125cc Bikes in India

Bikes are considered to be one of the greatest needs of this era. Everybody wants a bike that is powerful, fuel efficient and has an affordable price. 125cc bikes fit right into this category as they are handsomely built got powerful engine, well priced and nice fuel efficiency too. We have come up with some of the best bikes that can be yours without making a big hole in your pocket. Come have a ride with us and take out the best with you.

1. Honda CB Shine

Honda CB Shine

Equipped with a SI technology, air cooled 124.7 cc powerful engine, Honda CB Shine is another top model bike in 125 cc segment. The engine is really powerful as it churns out a power of around 10 bhp and a great torque of 10.29 Nm. With a mileage of about 57-61 kmpl, it’s one of great looking bikes in this segment. CB Shine can attain a top speed of up to 95 kmph. Isn’t it pretty fast for Indian roads?

Cost: 64-68k

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11 thoughts on “Top 9 Best 125cc Bikes in India

  1. CB SHINE Is the only best bike in 125cc,, its pickup is brilliant nd mileage are also very good….

  2. Which one should I choose if mileage is the only factor. . ??? Mostly i need a bike to drive on highway on a basis of 45km daily

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