Top 10 Major And Important Dams Of India

A Dam is nothing more than a barrier that is constructed to impound water. This impounding of water is very important. The primary responsibility of a dam is to prevent floods. However, another major role played by dams is to provide water for important activities such as human consumption, irrigation, industrial use, navigability, aquaculture, and various other agricultural activities. Some dams also work in conjunction with Hydropower to generate electricity. The dam collects water and evenly distributes it to various locations. Many dams also serve as the perfect spot for tourism due to the surrounding beauty. The main purpose of dams is to retain water and prevent disasters like floods.

Here we look at the ten major dams across India that hold great importance

10. Bhavanisagar Dam, Tamil Nadu

The Bhavani Sagar Dam is built across the Bhavani River. It is located approximately 80 kms from Coimbatore City, which is in Tamil Nadu. This is a beautiful dam and serves as an important tourist destination located in the small Erode district. The Bhavani Sagar Dam is considered the widest masonry dam across the world stretching out a massive 8 kms. Standing at 105 feet, it is also one of the tallest dams in the state of Tamil Nadu.

9. TungaBhadra Dam, Karnataka

The TungaBhadra Dam is built across the TungaBhadra River, which is a tributary for the Krishna River. The TungaBhadra Dam is located close to Hopset Town, which is in Karnataka. This is the biggest dam in Karnataka. With a beautiful Japanese garden, a musical fountain, and lush green nature surrounding it, the TungaBhadra Dam looks majestic standing at 49 meters and beautiful. Thousands of tourists visit this spot every year.

8. Rihand Dam, Uttar Pradesh

The Rihand Dam is built across the Rihand River, which is a tributary for the Sone River. It is located near Pipri situated in the beautiful Sonbhadra district. This dam made of concrete gravity located in Uttar Pradesh stands very tall at 91 meters. The reservoir of the Rihand Dam is called the Govind Ballabh Pant (GBP) reservoir.

7. Maithon Dam, Jharkhand

The Maithon Dam located in Maithon is built across the Barakar River. It is one of the largest dams located in the tribal state of Jharkhand. It is considered a very successful multipurpose project in India. It serves the dual purpose of controlling floods and generating high power electricity. The power station located beneath the Maithon Dam is the first in South East Asia to be located under the ground. Standing at a massive 165 feet, it is one of the tallest dams in Jharkhand. Maithon Dam is holds the largest reservoir across the Damodar valley.

 6. Koyna Dam, Maharashtra

Koyna Dam is located in Koyna Nagar in Maharashtra. Standing tall at 103 meters, it is considered to be one of the biggest dams located in the Western ghats of Maharashtra. The Koyna Dam is made of rubble concrete and is unique in this regards. Built across the Shivaji Lake, the Koyna dam is surrounded by the beautiful and majestic Sahyadri Mountain Ranges, which make it the perfect dam to visit for tourists.

5. Bisalpur Dam, Rajasthan

The Bisalpur Dam is known to be one of the greatest dams in the Rajasthan Bisalpur area. Located in small district of Tonk in Rajasthan, the Bisalpur Dam is built on the famous Banas River. It is situated between two large mountains, which makes the dam look very picturesque. Standing at 39 meters, the Bisalpur Dam is the largest dam in the state and is considered the best structure of Rajasthan. This massive dam attracts a lot of local and migrating birds making it the perfect place for tourists to enjoy the view.

4. Mettur Dam, Tamil Nadu

The Mettur Dam is also built across the river Kaveri. It is located in Salem district located in the state of Tamil Nadu. Standing tall at 120 feet, the Mettur Dam is one of the oldest and largest dams in India. The Mettur Dam is also known for having the biggest and most amazing capacity to generate power in the state of Tamil Nadu. This makes the dam extremely important to the state. The Mettur Dam attracts a lot of tourists who come to see the vastness of this dam and admire the beauty of river Kaveri.

3. Krishnarajasagar Dam, Karnataka

The Krishnarajasagar Dam is easily the largest dam built across the famous Kaveri River. The Krishnarajasagar Dam is located near Mysore in the small town of Karnatakain in South India. The famous Kaveri river is known to be one of the biggest rivers in India. Standing at a massive 125 feet, the Krishnarajasagar Dam is one of the tallest dams in Karnataka. The world famous Brindavan gardens are adjacent to the dam that gives it a serene look. These gardens are part of the most amazing gardens located in Mysore and people from all over India come to visit the Krishnarajasagar Dam and the adjoining Brindavan gardens every year.

2. Indira Sagar Dam, Madhya Pradesh

The Indira Sagar Dam is located in the Khandwa district situated in Madhya Pradesh. The Indira Sagar Dam is built across the Narmada river and was one of the most vital projects dedicated to water storage in Madhya Pradesh. Standing at a height of 92 meters, the Indira Sagar Dam boasts of a reservoir, which is the largest in India. This dam built of concrete gravity is one of the most important structures built in Madhya Pradesh.

1. Cheruthoni Dam, Kerala

Cheruthoni Dam, Kerala

The Cheruthoni Dam in Kerala is the largest dam built of concrete gravity. It is located very close to the Idukki Arch Dam. The Cheruthoni Dam is one of the tallest dams in the country with a height of 454 feet. It is built across the river Cheruthoni. Located in Kerala, Idukki is an amazing hill station with various tourist attractions and wildlife to observe. These dams attract many visitors as the perfect spot for a picnic. The Cheruthoni Dam was open for public viewing during Onam. The Idukki Dam is located towards the end of the massive Cheruthoni Dam. Once atop the Cheruthoni Dam, one can get an amazing view of the surrounding green valleys.

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