Top Ten Biggest Shopping Malls In India

In the present time, it will be very difficult to say that which person on this earth doesn’t love to do shopping and that is why more and more shopping malls are getting inaugurated these days frequently. There are so many biggest shopping malls in India in which it is not possible to roam around in few hours.

The below is the list of top ten biggest shopping malls in India for the year 2016:

10. Neptune Magnet Mall

The Neptune Magnet Mall’s total covered area is 1,056,000 regions that are located in Mumbai. It comprises of22 floors. This mall is basically a 6 tower shopping center. You can find remote craft, nutrition court, international marked shops, metro cash and carry, etc in the mall. Due tothe availability of extensive space for offices, this shopping mall is placed on the tenth number in this list.

9. AlphaOne Shopping Mall

This shopping mall is located in the Ahmedabad city of the Gujarat state in India. This mall has several universal marked stores in it. It was basically inaugurated in the year 2011. You can also find the multiscreen cinema in this mall. Hence, overall you will enjoy a lot whenever you visit this mall at any occasion.

8. Select Citywalk

This is the biggest shopping mall that is located in New Delhi (capital of India). This mall was inaugurated in the year 2007. After 2007, this mall never looked back and getting more and more people who visit there. At present, there are over 130 sales outlets that exist in the mall along with the more than six-hundred marked stores.

7. Great India Place Shopping Mall

This biggest shopping mall is located in Noida which is assessed at the seventh place in the list of top ten. It is surely a bigger mall. It covers around 15 lakhs square feet of space. There are huge size the aters or popular multi screen cinema that is available in this mall. Besides this, there are also several gadgets shops where people can buy their favorite devices.

6. Z Square Shopping Mall

Z Square Shopping Mall is most incomparable shopping malls which are located in the Kanpur city of U.P (Uttar Pradesh) state. This shopping mall was inaugurated in the year 2010. You can find affordable accommodations, food courts, popular merchandising outlets, and multiplexes under the similar rooftop of this mall. It is a great place as well as spacious to accommodate several people at one single point of time

5. Mantri Square Mall

Mantri Square shopping Mall is located in the Bangalore which covers around 17, 00,000 square feet area. Here, you can find around 240 sales outlets. Besides this, there are in excess of 11000shopsthat are accessible in the Mantri Square Mall. You can watch movies in the Multiplex silver screen here.

4. Phoenix Market City

Phoenix market city shopping mall is situated in Chennai that comprises of more than30 hotel rooms and distant selling counters. You can find movie theater complex, food court, restaurants, automobile shops, discos, etc everything in this mall. This shopping mall is certainly large and it is augmented in a wonderful way. When you visit this mall, you can keep your eyes off from its any part at all.

3. Phoenix Market City, Pune

Afterward the Mumbai’s phoenix mall,its subsequent biggest shopping mall is located in Pune. It is established on the large covered area. People can find the food court, shops, eating joints, multiplexes, games for kids, etc here. It is remarkably a largest and famous shopping mall in western India.

2. Phoenix Market City

This Phoenix Market City shopping mall is situated in Mumbai which is the most important destination for the tourists. It covers around 40, 50,000 sq. feet of land. There are fourteen cinema complexes along with the 20 restaurants that are available in this shopping mall.

1. Lulu International Shopping Mall

Lulu International Shopping Mall

This top largest shopping mall is located in Kochi which was inaugurated on10.03.2013. It comprises of five floors along with the nine screens of PVR Multi screen cinema. There are meeting halls, food courts, indoor Uphill rides, and 5D fun fair are also that are available in this particular mall.






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