Top 10 Facts About Delhi Odd & Even Car Rule

What exactly is this odd even car rule? So here is a small brief about what exactly is this rule. The Delhi government has made an attempt to curb the pollution, by limiting the number of cars on the road. The odd-even rule goes by on an odd date a care ending with an odd digit will be allowed on the road and on an even date, a car ending with an even digit. For example on the 13th a car ending with an odd number like 67, 15 can hit the roads. Though this rule is exempted to certain group of people, but it is applicable to the common man. There are certain facts that you would like to know about the odd even car rule. Here is list of top ten facts about odd even car rule.

10. Number of Vehicles

Around 8.5 million vehicles run on the roads of Delhi, and around 1500 new cars are added every day. Of which, 55 lakh are two-wheelers and 30 lakh are four wheelers. With this new rule, a lot of cars will be exempted on the roads.

9. Increase in Public Transport

With the new rule taking place, the government is making everything possible to make the locals commute in an easy and hustle free manner. They have added 3000 more buses for the people along with the increase run of the metro trains.

8. Amount to be paid as a fine

If anyone found violating the rule, will be fined Rs. 2000; and also there won’t be no public parking space available on the roads and if anyone found parking the vehicles, the vehicles will be towed.

7. Holiday time for Kids

During this trial period of fifteen days, all the public and private schools will remain closed.

6. Helping hands during this odd-even rule

Twitter, Ola Cabs and Delhi Metro services are playing a big rule to curb pollution and are supporting the government. Just twitter- #PollutionFreeDelhi and you will get all the information about nearest bus stations, and metro services. The Ola Cabs are also doing a great work and the ‘Car Pool’ feature in their app will allow the Delhities to pool their own vehicles and the commuters can also use this feature. The metro service has increased 365 trips a day during this period.

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5. Exempted Vehicles

The vehicles of all the politicians in Delhi are exempted from this rule. The Chief Minister, Prime Minister, President and other Government vehicles.

4. Other Exempted Vehicles

Apart from the Government vehicles, all the CNG driven vehicles, electric vehicles, two-wheelers, vehicles driven by women, with only women passengers and with children below 12 years of age, vehicles of physically challenged people, and those on the way to hospital for medical emergency, emergency vehicles are exempted from this rule.

3. Limitation of this rule

If the rule is succeeded in Delhi, then it will be applicable in NCR region, Gurgaon and Noida as well, which has a maximum number of office going people.

2. Start date of this program

This rule was applicable from January 1, 2016 in the Delhi region and it is a pilot program for fifteen days till 15th January 2016, by the chief minister.

1. The time when the rule becomes effective

This odd-even rule will be effective from Monday-Saturday on the dates from 1-15 Jan, 2016 between a limited period of time, that is from 8AM to 8 PM. The rule is not valid on Sundays and pre and post the mentioned time.
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  1. hemen Avatar

    Second Class Citizens ?

    If you live in any city other than Delhi , you are a second class citizen !
    At least , the Supreme Court of India seems to think so !
    What else can explain its deep concern for the health of Delhi-ites , while choosing to overlook the fact that Diesel Vehicle Pollution is equally damaging the lungs of the lesser beings, living in dozens of other cities ?
    Or does SC think that pollution related situation in these other cities has yet not reached a level of alarm ?
    Or that time is not yet ” ripe ” for it to concern itself with future of the children of people living in these other cities ?
    Is it possible that SC is waiting for some citizens of these lesser cities to file a PIL ?
    May be SC thinks its “Judicial Activism” does not legitimately extend beyond the NCR ?
    I fondly believe ( even now ) that for the Common Man of this country , SC is the only real ” Maa – Baap ” which steps in whenever the Government Officers / MLAs / MPs , fail to take timely decisions to protect the health of its Citizens , everywhere
    I still very much believe that SC has , time and again , proved that it is the Court of Last Resort
    I hope SC has read in papers ,the figures of AQI ( Air Quality Index ) in other cities
    In any case , I hope that , on its own , SC will take SUO MOTO cognizance of this blog and treat it as a PIL to enlarge its recent orders to cover the rest of India !
    If Hon Judges of the Supreme Court were to read the rest of my blogs at , ,
    they may take SUO MOTO cognizance of many and keep aside PILs from Prashant Bhushan / Subramanian Swami !
    hemen parekh
    07 Jan 2015 / blogs

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