Top 10 Best One Minute Indian kitty Party Games [1 Minute Games]

Most women enjoy spending time at the kitty party arranged by their friends and it is one of the best ways to socialize. While these parties are fun to attend and highly enjoyable, you need to ensure you have some kind of entertainment to keep your friends happy. The next time you’re having a kitty party in your home, make sure you try some of these amazing one minute games that will keep everyone entertained.

kitty Party Games

10. Pass The Rubber Band

This is an exciting one minute game that can be played without having to purchase too many things. All you need is a few rubber bands, two sticks, a stop watch and a bowl. This game can be played by two people at a time. The first step is to take a few rubber bands and two sticks. Then take a bowl and place it on a table along with the rubber bands and the sticks. Both the participants have to hold the sticks in their mouth. The first participant then has to pick the rubber band using the stick. They have to pass this rubber band to the other participant’s stick. The second participant has to then place the rubber band inside the bowl. This has to continue for one minute. The winning couple will be the one that has collected the most rubber bands.

9. Rub Ice Cubes To Collect Coins

This is a fun game to play, but you might need to prepare for it in advance. All you need to do is fill the ice tray with water and put coins in between it. Put in coins of different values to add more fun to the game. All participants need to use their hands to rub the ice and they cannot use any material to rub it off. They cannot bite into the ice to break it either. Participants can rub as many ice cubes they can in a minute and the person who collects the most money wins.

8. Coins On Clock

Coins on clock is another exciting kitty party game. For this game you need a wall clock, various coins of different denominations and a stop watch. This game can be played by everyone together. The wall clock has to be set horizontally on a table and coins have to be placed near the clock. Participants then have to place the coins on the clock based on their denomination. For example – a one rupee coin has to be placed near the number 1 on the clock and so on. The first person to reach the number twelve wins.

7. Pass Bubbles From Hula Ring

This game requires a hula ring, a soap bubble maker and a stop watch. This game can be played by all at once. The Hula ring has to be held vertically and participants have to pass soap bubbles through the ring from approximately ten of fifteen feet away. The participant who passes the most bubbles through the ring wins.

6. Balance Coins On Pencil

This is a simple and fun game that you can play at a kitty party. All the participants need to try to balance a coin on a pencil which they can hold in one hand. They cannot touch the coin once it is balancing.

5. Wear The T-Shirts

For this game you will need approximately 9 to 12 t-shirts, a big inflated balloon and a stop watch. The balloon and the t-shirts have to be placed on a table. Participants have to keep the balloon in the air by tapping it continuously and wear as many t-shirts as possible without letting the balloon fall. The participant who wears the most t-shirts wins.

4. Blow The Feather

Blow the feather is a great game that is highly entertaining. All you need to do in this game is make sure the feather is in the air for as long as possible. To make it more entertaining, you can give each participant multiple feathers to blow.

3. Count Color Words

This game is very interesting and very entertaining. All you need to play this game is a color printout of the names of colors in another color. For example you can have ‘Blue’ written in red and so on. The trick is to get the participants read out the color rather than the text.

2. Straws In The Hair

For this game you will need approximately 50 to 60 straws and a stop watch. Participants have to start inserting as many straws in their hair within one minute. A participant can only take one straw at a time and the straw has to stay in the hair for the entire minute.

1. Separate The Gems

Put gems in a bowl and ask participants to collect individual colors. The person who collects most gems in a minute wins.






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