Top 10 Best Lip Primers in India With Price

Lip primers are the new thing in the Indian beauty market. But if you are not a makeup fanatic, you may not have heard about them. So what are Lip primers? Lip primers do for lip what a Foundation/Primer does for the face. Basically, it preps the lip, fills the irregularities and creases so that the lip color can easily glide over and provide a perfect finish. Lip Primer also enhances the staying power of the lipsticks and additionally hydrates and moisturizes the lips, some of them come with SPF.Lip primer is not used alone and is applied before applying lipstick. If you want that perfect lipstick look, go for a lip primer.

Here is the list of 10 Best Lip Primers available in India with price:

10. Cargo HD picture perfect lip primer

Cargo HD picture perfect lip primer

This is a lip primer which is paraben free and has a good moisturizing formula which creates an adhesive like the base for the lip color. It blends well and is not sticky. Gives a plumping effect because of silica spheres present. Lips look fuller and the color stays for a long time.

Price: Rs.1200

9. Kryolan Perfect Matt Primer

Kryolan Perfect Matt Primer

This Primer provides the base for a perfect Matt effect. It nourishes the skin and without being glossy. can be used on the face too. Kryolan primer is a good choice if you want to get the perfect matte red lips.

Price: Rs.1200

8. Clinique Pop lip color+Primer

Clinique Pop lip color+Primer

Clinique has come up with dual lip color and primer combined in one. This is a weightless formula with good color saturation. The primer moisturizes as well as gives a long lasting smooth velvety finish. Perfect for people who don’t want to use two products. It has 16 shades and is 100% fragrance-free and dermatologically tested.

Price: Rs.1615

7. Lipfusion XL by Fashion beauty

Lipfusion XL by Fashion beauty

This lip primer is a chemical free base for chapped lips. This primer will moisturize and keep your lips ageless. Will prevent lip color from feathering and smudging.


6. Urban Decay Ultimate Ozone Multipurpose primer pencil

Urban Decay Ultimate Ozone Multipurpose primer pencil

Urban Decay’s primer is nude in color with a smooth creamy texture. The jojoba oil in it moisturizes the lips and keeps it from getting dry. It provides a smooth base for the lipstick. Urban decay primer is multipurpose as it can be used under eyes and to remove mascara smears.

Price: Rs.1950

5. Lip plumper and primer by Elf studio

Lip plumper and primer by Elf studio

This is a multipurpose base with the goodness of both plumper and primer. This primer can be used as a base or over lipsticks for plumping effect. This non-sticky primer protects lips against aging and pigmentation.

Price: Rs.967

4. Lip insurance lip primer by too faced

Lip insurance lip primer by too faced

Too faced products don’t require an introduction and Lip Insurance is a popular too faced product. It is accurately named Lip Insurance as it will protect your lips against sunlight and other damages and will give you lip color free of feathering and distortion. It is an all in one lip solution as it acts as a lip balm and moisturizes the lips too.

Price: Rs.2139

3. Time Wise Age fighting Lip primer by Mary Kay

Time Wise Age fighting Lip primer by Mary Kay

This primer protects lips against aging, freckles and lip lines. This miraculous Mary Kay primer will add volume and fullness to your lip color and will nourish your lips and make them lush by their constant use. This is a must have the primer, but it’s a tad costly.

Price: Rs.5273

2. NYX cosmetics Lip primer

NYX cosmetics Lip primer

Nyx has come up with crayon-like lip primers which color corrects as well as adjusts the texture to give you the best lip color and will prevent feathering. It comes in 2 shades: Nude and Deep Nude.

Price: Rs.1444

1. MACPrep+Prime


It is a nude base to wear under lipsticks. It smooths, moisturizes and refines the lips. It prevents cracking and feathering of lipstick by hydrating the lips. It is oil free, fragrance-free and dermatologically tested. It is a trusted product in the international market.

We hope this article was informative and helpful. Here we listed top 10 lip primers in India. The choice of a perfect lip primer varies with your needs and occasion and of course budget! So, choose the best one for your lips. Happy Priming.

Price: Rs.1000

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