Top 10 Best Alcohol-Liquor Brands in India 2017

India is home for more than 120 crores people and the best and amazing part is people belong to different castes, follow dissimilar religion have diverse well being and habits. People from different societies and religions celebrate festivals mutually and are fond of alcoholic drinks. Due to such a huge population as well as varied demography the market of alcohol in India has got adevastating response which can be evidently seen by its growing sales figure. If we talk about liquor brands, then there are numerous names but only some are measured as the finest. The brands of liquor include all types of alcohol such as rum, whiskey, scotch, beers and similar drinks.

The top 10 Best Alcohol/ Liquor Brands in India 2016?17 are listed below-

10. Imperial Blue

Imperial Blue

Imperial Blue is a product of Seagram Company. It is one of the finestand popular whiskey brands in the market of  People are fond of the strong taste of Imperial Blue and its rich texture. Imperial Blue odors well. The advantage of Imperial Blue is that it is with no trouble available in the market along with the sound price.

Price: Imperial Blue costs around 540 INR for each bottle of 750 ml

9. Bagpiper

A bagpiper is one of the very popular whiskey brands in India. In addition, it is one of the oldest alcohol brands in India and considered as a strong alcohol brand. Further, it is famous for its classic taste and anyone can easily avail it from the marketdue to its well-managed distribution network all over India that also at affordable ranges of price.

Price: Bagpiper costs around 306 INR for each bottle of 750 ml.

8. Tequila El Agave Blanco

Tequila El Agave Blanco

When it comes to the party in India, Tequilais always present as tequila shots are the spirit of all parties. This brand of Tequila is the most appreciated as it represents the class. It’s rich and smooth texture makes it very admirable among its consumers. This brand has good turnover due to its budget friendly price range without compromising its quality.

Price: Tequila El Agave Blanco costs about 2000 INR for each bottle of 750 ml.

7. Royals Stag

Royals Stag

Among Indians, whiskey is loved and appreciated highly compared to other alcoholic drinks and Royal Stag captures the ratio of utmost consumption in that regards. It is a product of French company named Pernod Richard which celebrates its triumph very proudly in India. It is considered most excellent hard whiskey and thus very popular brand available at inexpensive prices.

Price: Royals Stag costs around 714 INR for each bottle of 750 ml.

6. Old Port

Old Port

  • Rum is the life in mostly every official gatherings and party. This is a heart-winning rum brand of India. Due to only one of its kind taste, it has gained far above the ground popularity among all of the top brands in India. This is an Indian brand which belongs to Amrut

Price: Old Port costs around 1650 INR for each bottle of 750 ml.

5. Old Monk

Old Monk

  • Rum lover should never commit a mistake to miss Old Monk. One must try Old Monk because it is the best brand in India for rum. It’s old and inimitable taste make it one of the best rum brands in the Indian This brand has very wonderful and attractive packaging too. It is available in India at a very sound price. This is a product of a company named Mohan Meakin Ltd.

Price: Old Monk costs around 550 INR for each bottle of 750 ml.

4. Officer’s Choice

Officer’s Choice

  • When the question of budget friendly whiskey arises, Officer’s Choice beats all. It has an amalgamation of taste, texture and affordable price. There is scarcely any better whiskey in India at this range of price. This premium brand of whiskey is produced by Allied Blenders & Distillers in India.

Price: Officer’s Choice costs around 230 INR for each bottle of 750 ml.

3. Bacardi


  • Youths in India are fond of Bacardi as it is a first-class rum brand in India. The premium segment can be reserved for Bacardi. It tastes great and has been aged nicely. However, it has been tagged with a high price but it is worth due to its high legacy values and being an old brand. It has been ranked as a good as well as trusted brand in the alcohol

Price: Bacardi Apple Rum costs around 1100 INR for each bottle of 750 ml.

2. Kingfisher


  • Mallya, the famous businessman and his brand of beer i.e. Kingfisher are well known to almost every single person in India. Kingfisher is the most talked brand and is chief of every single one Beer Labels. It will not be wrong to say that it is a monopoly brand. Its aroma is rich and is best if we talk about class and high standards. Its large scale publishing has made its space in heart of every Indian and highest seller of beer in India.

PriceKingfisher costs around 495 INR for each bottle of 750 ml.

1. Mc Dowells

Mc Dowells

  • This is the top brand of alcohol in India. It gains the position of No. 1 and hence promotes itself in the advertisement being the No. 1 brand of alcohol in India. It comes in categories such as Whiskey, Brandy, Rum, etc. The credit of large share of sales of alcohol in India goes to Mc Dowells due to foremost sales in almost all its categories available. They are available in variable flavors along with well-designed prices for all its varied products. Every year, it breaks its own last year sales record and thus it remains in the top position always.

Price: McDowells costs around 478 INR for each bottle of 750 ml.

This was all about the top 10 best alcohol/liquor brands in India in 2016?17.

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