Top 10 Best Air Conditioner Brands in India

Air conditioners are not luxury items these days, it’s one of the most required household items nowadays and there are so many different verities and they are affordable and fit the range of the people. There are various brands that have some amazing air conditioners. These AC’s have different styles and features and you can select the ones you like according to your type and requirement. There are Normal AC’s, Split AC’s and other forms of AC’s. People usually prefer split Air Conditioners these days as they are affordable and also they can be easily fit and takes very less space, and unlike the window AC they do not really have be fit outside where you will worry about the grilling and other stuff. There are various types of Air Conditioners in these types as well and are available in the market.

List of Top Ten Air Conditioner Brands in India:

10 . Whirlpool

Another international brand, with its headquarters in Michigan, US. This company is famous for its turbo cooling technology. The price ranges from 25K to 60 K.

9. Daikin

The Company was established in the year 1924 as an electronic Company, but it became really popular for its Air conditioners. The brand is very reliable and they provide excellent service. The Price ranges from 18K to 50K.

8. LG (Life’s Good)

It does not require any introduction, it is the famous Korean Brand and extremely popular across the world. You can get all types of electronics good from LG brand and they have a handsome market share in AC market in both Split and windows AC segments. The price range fall within RS 25000 to RS 80000/-

7. O’General

It is one of the largest AC manufacturing company in the country and this particular brand is also very famous in the middle East. The price of these AC’s may range from 25K to 60K. This brand has made its name in India and is preferred by a lot of people.

6. Haier

It is an International brand and it has its headquarters in Qingdo, People’s Republic of China is one the best AC selling company. Though have other electronics as well, but Haier is famous for its air conditioners. This brand is very reliable and also consumes less energy. The price may range from 18K to 45K.

Air Conditioner

5. Hitachi

An international brand, having its headquarters in Tokyo, Japan; this brand has made its name popular across the world. Their A/C’s have various features, of which, self cleaning is their most admired feature. The price ranges from 25K to 70K.

4. Videocon

It is one of the most reliable brands of AC, and has enormous range of products. They provide excellent service and also hold a good reputation amongst its customers. The price ranges from 14K-70K. They have something for everyone in the store.

3. Samsung

This brand is the most common brands of AC and is very affordable and has good features such as: automatic cleaning, De-humidification, energy star and turbo feature. The price of this brand ranges from 18K to 70K. It also comes with longer durability.

2. Blue Star

This brand was established in the year 1943 and has international standards. It is famous not only in India but across the world and has over 30 offices and seven branches across the country. They have various types of A/C’s, and the price ranges from 22K to a Lakh.


A famous brand established in the year 1954, it is a subsidiary product of the Tata Group, this AC is the most preferred brand by the Indians. If you want your AC to last for long and should perform well, then Voltas must be your preferred choice. The price ranges from 25K to 60K and has numerous options.






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    In India Voltas ACs are very popular I think so.

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