Top 10 Azure Tools You Need To Know

In the current situation, there is a definite demand for Microsoft Azure development tools. Because of its security, scalability, Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), and Platform as a Service (PaaS) features, Azure continues to be the top option for many companies. So without any further delay, Let’s discuss the top 10 Azure Tools you need to know. The Microsoft Azure Training in Bangalore will make you a master in Azure tools and technologies.


1.  Azure DevOps

Azure DevOps was one of the first Azure cloud services to be released. It is a suite of cloud-based collaborative development tools which has another name, Microsoft Visual Studio Team Services. Azure DevOps tools are mostly used to plan a project. It has everything you’ll need to transform a concept into a functional piece of software. Azure DevOps’ CI component is the azure pipeline that allows teams to plan, develop, test, track, deploy code and discuss work in real-time. To gather code and artifacts for application delivery, and Azure pipeline may link to any number of source code repositories, such as Azure Repos, GitHub, and Tests.

2.  Azure pricing calculator

The Azure Pricing Calculator is a free application that aids in the pricing and configuration of Microsoft Azure services for various solutions. This tool may help you create indicative pricing and remove the ambiguity about how much an Azure solution will cost you by allowing you to configure and estimate expenses for Azure products. You may use the Azure Pricing Calculator to get real-time pricing estimates for your services. For increased accuracy, you may personalize these predictions with unique parameters, and you can view and edit them from a single dashboard.

3.  Azure Content Delivery Network

Azure Content Delivery Network (CDN) is one of the most important Azure categories that help you decrease load times, conserve bandwidth, and improve responsiveness for accelerating and growing the business. By decreasing load times and providing responsive speed, Azure CDN promises safe content delivery around the globe to provide a superior user experience. This developer-friendly solution comes with strong security that reduces and removes any threat that may be present on the content delivery network. Using these tools you can turn detailed customer workflows into meaningful engagement insights.

4.  Azure Storage Explorer

Azure Storage Explorer is a graphical user interface (GUI) tool with a number of capabilities to make your development life easier. With an easy-to-use graphical user interface, it allows you to upload, download as well as manage the contents of your storage account quickly and easily. You may use this tool to create, remove, inspect, and change storage resources like blobs and queues, and tables, as well as Cosmos DB and Data Lake storage.

5.  Azure Backup

Azure Backup is a critical component of Azure cloud services which is a low-cost, secure backup solution that scales to meet your backup storage requirements. It is highly popular among companies who are having trouble backing up on-premises data to the cloud. This one-click backup solution secures your sensitive data by backing up. And the best part is you can also control the built-in backup from the single backup portal, making the entire backup process almost painless.

6.  Azure Event Grid

Azure Event Grid is a fully managed event service that makes it simple to create apps, grid, define code, and allocate data to each node with event-based architectures and handle events across a variety of Azure services and applications. The client app is useful for keeping track of the development process as a whole.

Event Grid also allows you to create your own events by utilizing custom code. Furthermore, the user-friendly interface, which includes all of the essential visualization tools, aids in the better monitoring of the project’s development.

7.  Azure Cosmos DB

Azure Cosmos DB is without a doubt one of Azure’s most popular cloud computing offerings. For contemporary app development, Azure Cosmos DB is a fully managed NoSQL database that manages, maintains, and patches your database for you. It also manages capacity using cost-effective serverless and automated scaling solutions that adapt to application demands and match capacity to demand. Furthermore, it is easier and much more efficient. Businesses use this service to allow for quicker writing and reading all around the world.

8.  Azure Site recovery

The Azure site recovery service is one of those services that is widely valued by businesses all around the world. This built-in disaster recovery solution makes it simple for your company to maintain business continuity in the event of a catastrophic IT outage. This service is not only simple to set up, but it is also highly cost-effective and flexible. This service helps you keep your maintenance expenses low by allowing you to reduce downtime and even test your disaster recovery strategy without having to do any actual work.

9.  Azure Logic App

One of the most important aspects of the service is Azure Logic Apps. Azure Logic Apps is a platform that allows you to create and operate automated processes that connect your apps, data, services, and systems. It enables you to quickly create sophisticated integration solutions. This solution may transform your experience by automating the whole procedure and ensuring that your business runs smoothly. It can be deployed and run anywhere, increasing scale and mobility while automating business-critical operations.

10.    Azure Bots

The Azure Bots service is aimed to improve the end-user experience by making it easier to create your own virtual assistant or a Q&A-based bot for businesses. This can be simply developed using open source SDK and tools. The best thing is that you can use this bot to incorporate strong AI for a better customer experience and interactive learning. The comprehensive bot structure reveals the possibility of handling a large volume of queries in a smooth manner. We can create multilingual and multimodal bots for a variety of scenarios, including sales, customer service, and staff efficiency.






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