Top 10 Areas Affected By Heat Wave (Loo) in India 2015

Heat Wave in India in 2015 has given people a terrible experience. More than 2100 people have died so far till 31st May due to the heat wave. It is very common in India during the summer season. However, the 2015 heat wave came as a calamity due to high temperature and no rain. Many areas in India suffered a setback from the heat wave. The temperature during April and May was record high and caused deadly summer for the Indians. Here are the top 10 areas affected by the Heat Wave.

10. Rajasthan

One of the worst affected areas, Rajasthan, had 2 deaths due to the heat waves. The immense temperature and heat wave forced the residents to stop coming out of their places in many regions. The temperature was on high 40s throughout the duration.

9. Maharashtra

Maharashtra also suffered from the heat wave. The scarcity of rain and the water made it difficult for the residents. There were 2 deaths reported from the region due to the heat wave before the temperature level came down a bit. The temperature during the season was very high and residents stop coming out in Sun.

8. Delhi

Capital Delhi is known for high temperature and heat wave during summer. However, this heat wave took 5 lives and made it very difficult for the residents. Many cases of dehydration and other complexities were reported all around the area.

7. Madhya Pradesh

Known for extreme climate conditions, Madhya Pradesh was also badly affected by the heat wave. The temperature was on high and no rain was received at the area. It made the life impossible for the residents and it took 10 lives in the region.

6. Gujarat

Gujarat was badly affected by the heat wave and counted 10 deaths. Many heat wave related problems were seen and people suffered due to lack of respite. The hot sun made it difficult for the people to go out in the day time.

5. West Bengal

The heat wave also affected the eastern state West Bengal. The region saw 13 deaths due to heat wave and high temperature. The lack of rain also contributed to the misery during this time. Many people got hospitalized even after taking precautions from the heat wave.

4. Uttar Pradesh

The dry season has also badly impacted Uttar Pradesh. Official record says 22 deaths during the time due to heat wave. The temperature was extremely high and the heat wave made the life disastrous for the people.

3. Odisha

One of the most badly affected states, Odisha counted more than 60 deaths. The official records say death between 43 to 67 people due to heat wave. People died due to the high temperature and heat wave. Sun stroke was very common cause for death.

2. Telengana

Newly formed state of India, Telengana suffered a lot from the heat wave. The temperature was very high and unbearable during the time. Total 489 deaths have been reported from the state due to the heat wave.

1. Andhra Pradesh

The most affected state, Andhra Pradesh had deaths more than all deaths in other parts of the country. It counted 1490 deaths due to heat wave. The dry wave caused heart attack and strokes among people and caused the misery. The death continued even after awareness and remedial programme.






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