Few Tips to be Kept in Mind while Buying a Used Scooter

India has the largest market of two-wheelers. Two-wheelers are useful for various purposes making them perfect for daily travel, visit to markets, tuition centers, schools, job places, etc. Buying a scooter, therefore, becomes a necessity. However, purchasing a new scooter can prove quite expensive. Opting for a used scooty can therefore prove as the best alternative for individuals. However, purchasing a used scooter requires an understanding of various aspects.

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We have listed certain tips to be kept in mind before buying a used scooter. The below-mentioned aspects are categorized under the two heads:

  • Mechanical checks
  • Paperwork checks

Mechanical checks

Few checks to be done before buying a used scooter:

1. Oil leaks – The scooter should be checked for oil leaks. Used scooters tend to get damaged over time. Oil leaks are visible clearly if the scooter is washed carefully. Therefore, checking a used scooter for oil leaks becomes a necessity.

2. Rust – The scooter parts often rust quickly if not maintained regularly. You must look for rust in the engine and chassis. If the rust is superficial then it can be removed by service, if sunken then it is difficult to remove them. One must inspect scooters for rusted components before buying the same.

3. Scratch marks on a scooter – If you live in metropolitan cities like Mumbai, Bangalore, and Pune scratch marks are inevitable. Looking for scratch marks becomes essential. Used scooters without scratch marks may be difficult to find but one must opt for used scooters available in pristine condition.

4. Scooter damaged due to accident – You should look in the engine and chassis region for internal and external damage. The handlebar should be straight, the rim of tires must be aligned, and the chassis must be checked before the purchase.

5. Check the engine – If you turn on the ignition of your scooter and notice the fumes arising from the engine do not go for it. The engine sound serves as the best sign of a healthy scooter.

6. Checking oil – The oil check is done by checking the immersed dipsticks in the engine oil. If the oil on dipsticks feels rusty and dark brown it needs to be changed. Used scooters with proper and clean oil levels must be selected.

7. Check the weight and height of the model – The weight of the scooter must be checked before buying. A heavy vehicle is not comfortable to ride. The vehicle should be purchased according to your height as well. Used scooty more than your height is difficult to ride.

Other Items to be checked are as follows-

  • Spark Plug-The spark plug should not be corroded. It should be authentic.
  • Battery– One must check the life of the battery before buying a used scooter. The battery should not be corroded and in proper working order.
  • Brakes– The brakes are the most important part of the scooter. The breaks should be smooth and easy to operate.
  • The side mirrors of the scooter– Side mirrors serve as the most essential part of a used scooter. They should not have any cracks and must be crystal clear.
  • Do some researches– You should not believe your gut feeling while buying two-wheelers. Different models of used scooters must be inspected before buying a scooter of your choice. Complete research is necessary before buying a used scooter.
  • Check the mileage of the scooter– In some cases, the meter of used scooters is tempered to show that the scooter has moved for short distances. Wear and tear of tires and dedicated accessories of used scooters show the exact condition of the two-wheeler.
  • Test ride– You should take a test ride of the different models of used scooters to identify a vehicle within your comfort zone. A test ride of the scooter you are buying is also necessary to see the efficiency of your scooter.
  • Look for seat covers– The seat covers should be without scratch marks too.

Checking the paperwork of the scooter

After checking the parts of your scooter do check the paperwork of the scooter. The paperwork of the scooter should be genuine which must be inspected beforehand. Following aspects must also be kept in mind:

1. Insurance paper should be valid– You need authentic insurance papers to protect your vehicle from damages and accidents. If you don’t have valid insurance papers you need to spend money on issuing new insurance papers. Opting for used bikes with valid insurance papers is a necessity.

2. Registration certificate is also very necessary– The registration number on the chassis and engine should be the same as mentioned on the registration certificate. The color of the scooter and the number of people who own the scooter should be mentioned on the registration certificate. The registration certificate must be complete with all the necessary information.

3. Pollution under control certificate– Valid pollution under control certificate is very necessary when you buying an old scooter. You should check for this certificate before buying a used scooter.

4. A full-service history from the service center– You need a full-service history record to see that the vehicle has been serviced regularly. One must procure the same before buying a used scooty.

5. A no-objection certificate- Getting a scooter transferred from one RTO to another you need a no-objection certificate. One must look for and select a used scooty with a no-objection certificate.

6. A manual of used scooter-The details of the scooter are mentioned in the manual that is obtained from the manufacturer of a scooter. One must select a used scooty with a manual complete with necessary instructions.

Price negotiation- Once you have checked the technical aspects of the scooter and the paperwork, two parties should sit together and settle the price of the scooter. The depreciation charges should be considered too. The buyer and the seller should negotiate together and arrive at a common price. The buyer should check all the parts of the scooter carefully and check the price of the second-hand scooter- in the local market. Be careful enough to check all the paperwork.

A used scooter is not a bad choice if your requirements are limited to local movement. One can buy old scooty that can fit into your budget. Moreover, used scooters serve as value for your hard-earned money. Purchasing a used scooter can prove as the best decision of your life.






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