The Why and How of Keeping Ceiling Fans Clean and Dust-Free

Ceiling fans are usually one of the most neglected appliances in any household. That’s because ceiling fans are placed overheard and that’s why we don’t tend to notice them much often. Similarly, when fans are in motion, the dust that’s settled on the fan is not very apparent. But do you know that leaving a fan unclean and dirty for long can lead to various respiratory and other health issues? To avoid this, it is important that we keep our home ceiling fans clean and dust free.


Keeping that in mind, here’s a post that talks about the why and how of maintaining a ceiling fan. Let’s read on.

The Importance of Keeping Ceiling Fans Clean and Dust Free

Clean fans are a must in homes where there are one or more family members with allergies. A clean and dust free fan helps ensure that the air in a room is cleaner and safer to breathe. This is one of the most important reasons for cleaning your ceiling fans on a regular basis. While the frequency of cleaning a fan depends on various factors such as usage, location, etc; it is advisable that you should clean your fan at least once every 3 months.

Dust can cause a fan to wobble. Too much dust can also cause the fan’s coil to heat which in turn can cause damage to the coil in the long run. Therefore, it is important to clean the fan to ensure smooth operation and longevity of a fan.

Imagine you have guests visiting your home and you have a dirty fan suspended from the center of your living room’s ceiling. Wouldn’t it feel awkward? So, last but not the least, keep your fans clean because they accentuate a home’s decor. And you got to that irrespective of whether you have a plain simple fan or a designer fan installed.

How to Clean a Ceiling Fan

Here’s a step by step approach to cleaning a ceiling fan. But before we get to the steps here are a few things that you should have before you start the cleaning process – a ladder (or a chair), an old pillow cover (or a clean piece of use and throw cloth) and a DIY household cleaner.

Step 1 – Safety first

Before you clean a ceiling fan you need to ensure your safety. Make sure you turn off the fan from the MAINS to avoid any electric shock. Also, have someone around you to hold the ladder or chair while you climb on it to clean the fan.

Step 2 – Cover the blades

Cover the blade with the pillow cover just the way you cover a pillow. Place one hand below one of the fan blades and the other hand above it. Make sure you don’t apply any pressure on the blade as there are chances of the blade getting tilted.

Step 3 – Clean the blades

Slide the pillow cover from the blades inside towards the outside as you rub the blade with both hands. This way you will be able to remove all the dust settled on the fan and the same will get collected inside the pillow cover. Repeat these steps with the other blades too.

Step 4 – Clean the other parts of the fan

Once you have cleaned the blades, you need to clean the fan’s downrod, canopy and the motor (the external area visible to the naked eye).

Step 5 – Clean with a wet cloth

The next step is to clean the fan again with a wet cloth dipped in the DIY household cleaner. In case the fan’s not too dirty, you may skip the step as well. Here’s how you need to prepare the DIY household cleaner.

Here’s what you need to prepare the DIY household cleaner.

  1. 2 Cups of Water
  2. 1 Cup Vinegar
  3. 1 tbsp Liquid Soap
  4. 2 tbsp Baking Soda
  5. 1 tbsp salt

Mix them one by one in a bowl and wait for the bubbles to settle. Transfer this mixture to a spray bottle and your DIY household cleaner is ready.

Note – Do not spray the household cleaner on the motor, canopy, downrod or decorative pieces as it can cause irreversible damage. Instead just spray the cleaner on the pillow cover to dampen it a little.

Now that you know how to keep your ceiling fans clean and dust free, we recommend that you ensure a regular clean up of your ceiling fans. And in case you are looking for a low maintenance fan, you should check out Luminous India’s website for fans that repel dust. For instance, the New York Hudson and New York Brooklyn are some of the fans that you can consider buying if you are looking for a fan that’s low on maintenance.

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