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Indians, in general, are resistant to talk about toilet habits. However, in recent times, movies like Toilet Ek Prem Katha, Padman, the Academy Award-winning Netflix documentary ‘Period. End of Sentence,’ Bill Gates’ documentary on Netflix that focuses on sanitation in India as well as PM Modi’s Swatch Bharat Abhiyan movement against open defecation, that had superstars talk openly about toilet hygiene, have not only lifted this taboo but also brought the discussion into the forefront.

Essentially Happy Marketing is a start-up that is disrupting the way we have dealt with bathroom odours in India by launching India’s first Pre-Toilet spray – Poo de cologne, before-you-do-no.2 toilet spray.

What is a pre-toilet spray: basically, a pre-toilet spray turns the air freshener concept on its head – it is sprayed, BEFORE toileting, directly over the toilet bowl water as a preventive solution. The unique formulation forms a barrier over the water’s surface trapping all the bad smells below the water while the pure essential oils fill the bathroom with beautiful aromas. It takes the restroom experience from the stables to the meadows in just a few sprays. So sure is the company of the product’s performance that they are claiming 100% masking of bad odours when the product is used as prescribed on the back of the pack.

Entertaining Advertising:

Not only is Poo de cologne disrupting the way we deal with bad toilet smells but it is also innovating with respect to its marketing approach by roping in top Indian stand up comedian Atul Khatri to promote its range.

Their latest campaign is a series of hilarious videos in which Atul describes his faux pas on his honeymoon, in a client’s office and at a party and his elaborate attempts to cover up his misdoings. He leaves the audience in splits with his puns and euphemisms. Comedian Atul Khatri advises us on how to save ourselves from the embarrassing ‘SHITUATION’ of leaving behind a smelly loo. This is Atul’s clarion call to become responsible SHITIZENS, up our washroom game and adopt Poo de cologne Before U Do No.2 toilet spray – the next level in personal hygiene and personal care.

Atul Khatri for Poo de cologne pre-toilet spray.

Watch here:

Several comments on Atul’s Instagram feed have described this as the best piece of Indian advertising – one that is entertaining, leaving them in splits, and that has created in them a desire to try this new and innovative toilet freshener product.

“Atul was a natural choice for the promotion of Poo de cologne, as we wanted to use humour to talk about this category, as a way to lessen the awkwardness around talking about washroom odour. His sense of comic timing and his charm were the very two ingredients that have made the campaign a roaring success,” says Aditi, Managing Director at Essentially Happy Marketing, the makers of Poo de cologne. “Poo de cologne is a natural alternative to harmful aerosols and the only preventive solution that stops the problem of bad toilet odour before it can even arise. There is nothing like this in the Indian market. We want our consumers to have quality products without the harmful effects of chemicals at reasonable prices,” she concludes.

Equally innovative and fun are the names of the product variants, with the floral variant being called Poopsie Daisie and the minty variant goes by the nomenclature Poops a lot. Then there is the citrus one called Pooparazzi, and the woody blend Mask a poo. Ensuring that the journey to their store is a funny one.

Poo de cologne

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