Tera Yaar Hoon Main Sony SAB TV Serial Wiki, Story, Timing, Cast Names

Tera Yaar Hoon Main is a Hindi comedy serial that is telecasted on 31st August 2020 on the Sony SAB channel. Sumeet Hukamchand Mittal and Shashi Mittal are producing this serial. Shashi Sumeet Productions produced it. This serial is about the remarriage and relationship between father and son. Pushkar Pandit directs it.


This story is set in Jaipur, where Rajeev Bansal is working as a Bank Manager living there with his family. He stays with his wife Jhanvi, Rishabh, and Trishala as children, Sushma and Pratap as parents, Rajan as a brother, Ruchi as a sister-in-law, and Varun Nephew. He wanted to be friends with Rishabh, who is close to Jhanvi and shares everything with her.

After Jhanvi’s death, Rajeev lost interest in life. Later, Daljeet Bagga joined the bank as Bank Manager who had lost his husband and stayed with Barry and Twinkle. But Shakti, Daljeet’s husband’s brother, wants to take her children as they are the only heirs of the property of Daljeet’s husband. So, Rajeev did a fake contract marriage with Daljeet to help her protect her children from Shakti. Shakti created much trouble in their marriage, but his attempts failed.

Tera Yaar Hoon Main Sony

Rajeev’s family accepted Daljeet, but the children did not accept her as their mother. On the other side initially, Barry hated Rajeev and was more influenced towards Shakti. But gradually, they got to know the true colors of Shakti and started liking Rajeev, even accepting him as his father. Rishabh, in starting, refuses to accept Daljeet as his mother, and later, he believes that she is taking care of them. Slowly, he started seeing Daljeet as his mother and replaced Jhanvi with Daljeet.

Gurmeet, who is Daljeet’s mother, pretends to be sick and wants Daljeet to marry Rajeev as her last wish. For the last wish of Gurmeet, they decided to get married. Eventually, Daljeet realizes that she is in love with Rajeev and expresses her love to him. But Rajeev says she only loves Jhanvi and no one else. Daljeet was heartbroken but did not reveal her feelings to him. Later, Rajeev falls in love with her but can’t judge her feelings, and later many of the events occur, which tries to make them away from each other. But with passing time, their love grew between them, and they realized that they loved each other.

Cast Names

Sudeep Sahir

He is playing the role of Rajeev Bansal or Titu or Rishabh’s father. He is Jhanvi’s widower or Daljeet’s Second husband. Rajeev wanted to be a friend of Rishabh. He got married to Daljeet to get custody of her children and comes out of guilt for a mistake he made in the case of Jhanvi. But he started loving her eventually.

Shweta Gulati

Playing the role of Jhanvi Bansal, Rajeev’s wife. She died in a car accident that happened in 2020. She was a housewife and ran an NGO.

Sayantani Gosh

Playing the role of Daljeet Bagga Bansal, Rajeev’s second wife. She is a senior to Rajeev and works as a bank manager. She is Punjabi and married Rajeev so that she could protect her children. However, she fell in love with Rajeev eventually.

Ansh Sinha

Playing the role of Rishabh Bansal. He is Daljeet’s stepson, and Rajeev wants to befriend him, but Barry misunderstands them. Earlier, he did not live with Daljeet but now he loves his parents and accepts Daljeet to be her mother.


Tera Yaar Hoon Main aired on Monday to Friday at 09:00 PM. The running time of the serial is around 20 to 24 minutes per episode.

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