Top Ten Most Beautiful Railway Stations in India

Indian Railway is an Indian state claimed venture, possessed and worked by the Government of India through the Ministry of Railways. It is one of the world’s biggest railroad systems including 115,000 km of track over a course of 65,808 km and 7,112 stations. It additionally claims train and mentor creation offices at a few spots in India and are allocated codes distinguishing their age, sort of force and kind of operation. Its operations spread twenty-nine states and seven union domains furthermore gives restricted worldwide administrations to Nepal, Bangladesh, and Pakistan. Indian Railways is the world’s seventh biggest business or utility manager, by a number of workers, with more than 1.376 million representatives starting last distributed figures in 2013. In 1951 the frameworks were nationalized as one unit, the Indian Railways, getting to be one of the biggest systems on the planet. Here is a list of ten most Beautiful Railways Stations in India in 2016

10. Mysore Railway Station, Karnataka

Located in the city of Mysore, this is one of the most beautiful railway stations in the country. It has 6 platforms and is also one of the most tourist friendly railway stations. A lot of trains that stopped at Bangalore are now extended to Mysore. It is pleasant to the eyes, and looks beautiful from outside.

9. Vijaywada Railway Station, Andhra Pradesh

It was constructed in the year 1888 and has ten platforms, for the passenger trains, which allows around 50 million people to travel per year. It is one of the busiest stations in the country and also it is the only station in the country with five entrances and all with booking counters.

8. Vishakapatnam Railway Station, Andhra Pradesh

This station comes under the East Coast Railway Station and is one of the most beautiful railway stations of the country. The railway station is constructed beautifully and looks quite beautiful from outside.

7. Gorakhpur Railway Station, Uttar Pradesh

It has one of the longest platforms in the country, and it looks very beautiful from outside. It looks like some royal heritage from outside. It was started in the year 1930.

6. Kanpur Central, Uttar Pradesh

Opened in the year 1930, this railway station is one of the most beautiful stations of the country. It has tomb like structures on the top, which makes it look Royal and like a beautiful place and the construction was designed by an architect from Lucknow, no doubt the Nawabi feel is given to the Station.

5. Chatrapati Shivaji Terminus, Mumbai, Maharashtra

It was constructed in the year 1887, and it serves as the headquarters of all the railway stations. It is the busiest station in the country, and was initially called as Victoria Terminus. It is also recognised as world Heritage site by UNESCO.

4. Coimbatore Railway Station, Tamil Nadu

This Southern Railway Station serves as the metropolis of Coimbatore. It is the Second busiest Station of the state and the most revenue generating station as well.

3. Trivandrum Central, Kerala

It was established in the year 1931, this station is the busiest station in the state and is one of the most beautiful station as well. With some enormous construction, this station makes it to the list of the most beautiful stations.

2. Charbagh Railway Station Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh

This station does not look like a station. It looks like beautiful palace and looks like a heritage site. But it is a station and is one of the most beautiful stations in the country. With the architecture inspired by the Mughals, this is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful stations.

1. Howrah Station, Kolkata, West Bengal

Howrah Station, Kolkata, West Bengal

This is one of the oldest station of the country and the most beautiful indeed. It was built during the British Reign and hence the construction, which is very Victorian. It is the largest station, and has 26 platforms.
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