Star Plus TV Serial Ye Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai Cast Name With Pics

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai (YRKKH) is an Indian Hindi dialect TV show debuted on 12 January 2009 on Star Plus and is running till date. The show concentrates on the everyday incidents in the family unit of Udaipur family; the show is directed by Romesh Kalra, Jai Kalra and Ram Pandey and is produced by Rajan Shahi.

YRKKH is the story of a young and lively couple, Naitik and Akshara, who resides in Udaipur in a joint family. The story displays the journey of Naitik and Akshara as a wedded couple and then as parents of their kids Naksh and Naira and how they discover to love each other and their respective families by becoming grown and mature individuals. After a leap of approx 10 years it demonstrated Naksh and Naira as a sensible grown up. Then the story concentrates on teen aged Naksh after the leap it indicates how Naksh fell in love with Tara, however soon parts ways with Tara.

The serial takes another leap which concentrates on teen Naira, who run away from her home and reside in Rishikesh. The story takes one more twist making an affection triangle between Kartik (Naitik’ semployee), Naira and Naitik’s niece Gayu. Naira and Kartik adores one another and Gayu has uneven love for Kartik, uninformed of the way that Kartik doesn’t feel for Gayu. As of late, Naman kidnaps Naitik for money and threatens him not to conflict with him or he’ll damage Naitik’s family. Later, he gets captured by the police. Naitik and Akshara rejoin. In the mean time Kartik expressed his feeling to Naira in Switzerland and at first Naira denies Kartik’s proposal which harms him profoundly. Nonetheless, later, Naira understands that she adores him. She wants to tell Kartik that she adores him, in any case, she discovers that Gayu likewise loves Kartik.

Listed below is the main cast of the show Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai (YRKKH) with their real names and pics:

1. Hina Khan as Akshara Naitik Singhania (2009)

Hina Khan

Akshara is a straightforward and sweet young lady who has been raised in a customary Marwari family. She is the only girl in the family in three eras and in this manner, she is pampered by everybody. She knows her limits and has never resisted rules. She is not a chirpy young lady, yet has an enthusiastic nature that runs over through her expressive eyes and her state of mind of tolerating life simply the way it is.

2. Vishal Singh as Naitik Raj Shekhar Singhania (2016)

Vishal Singh as Naitik Raj Shekhar Singhania

Karan Mehra played as Naitik Singhania (Former main lead) (2009-2016) Naitik is an ordinary child of a Marwari family. Knowledgeabl. Naitik being the only son in the place of little girls was the most pampered. His requests were met with even before he requested them and even as his dad made a decent attempt to give him a more adjusted childhood, others ensured he felt extremely exceptional. In spite of the fact that he is additionally a touchy soul who watches over others and never harms anybody. Together as a couple Akshara and Naitik will set out of a journey and acknowledge each other in their most common components.

3. Shivangi Joshi as Naira Naitik Singhania (2016)

Shivangi Joshi

Naira is Akshara and Naitik’s daughter and Naksh’s sister. Naira settled her own particular life in Rishikesh yet her mom Akshara took her back to Singhania family. She is the Kartik’s love interest.

4. Mohsin Khan as Kartik Kapoor (2016)

Mohsin Khan

Kartik is Naitik’s employee. He is Gayu and Naira’s love interest and a man with a secret.

5. Kanchi Singh as Gyatri Nikhil Deora (2016)

Kanchi Singh

Gayatri known as Gayu in the show is Rashmi and Nikhil’s daughter. Naitik and Akshara adopted Gayu after Rashmi and Sameer’s death. Rashmi is Naitik’s younger sister. Sameer is Gayu’s stepfather.

6. Rohan Mehra as Naksh Naitik Singhaniya (2015)

Rohan Mehra

Naksh is Naitik and Akshara’s son who runs a family restaurant. Presently, his character is demonstrated far from home as he has participated in the reality show series Bigg Boss 10.







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