Star Plus TV Serial Saath Nibhaana Saathiya Cast Real Name With Pics

We watch various serials in our daily routine and many of them become near to our heart. These are the serials which seem to be the part of our life and one of them is Saath Nibhaana Saathiya which comes on our favorite channel Star Plus from Monday to Saturday, produced by the Rashmi Sharma Tele films Limited.  This serial is based on the story of a Modi Family based in Rajkot in their mansion. This show express about the family values and morals that are there in the Gujarati Joint family. This serial started in the year 2014.

This serial tells about the life of the 2 cousins whom life has changed after their arranged marriage. Gopi is illiterate and have the shy personality on the other hand Rashi is having bold personality and educated. Gopi is adopted by the Rashi parents. Both got married to the same family. Kokila Modi the mother in law of Gopi changed the personality of her and made her the confident and smart women. Then Gopi find out about her lost parents, whom she thought have died. Gopi gave the birth to a daughter and Rashi to 2 sons. In the last Radhika who is Gopi sister kills Gopi’s daughter. Her Husband Ahem and Kokila thought that she had killed her daughter.

Again Gopi had her second daughter whom she raised single handedly. Then she got to know that her first daughter Meera is alive and grown up as an orphan. Radha played her wicked tricks and Gopi has left no other option instead of killing her. Gopi was sentenced with jail for 14 years but it was later reduced due to her good behavior. When she came back she got to know that Ahem is living in live in relationship with the two daughters and had disowned his family. Her daughters, Meera had grown up independent and cunning while Vidhya is just like her. With the efforts of Gopi all the family reunites. But Meera believes that behind her troubles there is Modi family.

Gaura Suryavanshi, the Kokila childhood friend came after long time back into their family and want to take the revenge from Kokila for his brother’s death due to her mistake. Modi family is not aware of her intention and married Vidhya to her grandson. On the other side Gaura convinces Meera to get married to her son and become Vidhya mother in law. Gaura married Meera with her son Dharam secretly. Gaura tries to use Meera for killing Ahem and Kokila but not succeeded. Later Ahem died in an accident and Gopi went into trauma for 4 years. Then Kokila married Gopi with Dr. Krishna who is treating Gopi but on her wedding day, she recovers but forced to marry him. Some property related issues crop up and now Kokila hired Jaggi look alike of Ahem to help Gopi.

There are various characters in this serial; some of them are main on whom most of the story revolves 

1. Devoleena Bhatta charjee as Gopi 

Gopi Her real name is Devoleena Bhatta charjee, main female lead of the serial. In the beginning of the story she is a very weak character who is illiterate and shy in personality. As the serial grew, she had become one of the strongest characters in the Modi family.

2. Mohammad Nazim as Ahem & Jaggi 

AhemThe real name is Mohammad Nazim who is the main Male lead in this serial. In the starting she had played the character of Ahem, who is educated, sophisticated and good businessman. Now he is playing the role of Jaggi who is illiterate and rowdy types.

3. Rupal Patel as Kokila Parag Modi 

Kokila Parag Modi Real name of the character is Rupal Patel. She proved to be strong women from the start of the serial who had made her daughter in law Gopi a changed and strong personality.

4. Sonam Lamba as Vidhya 

Vidhya Sonam Lamba is the real name of the character. Her character in this serial is very sweet and always gives the advice to her sister Meera.








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