Star Plus TV Serial Naamkaran Story, Main Cast Real Name With Pics

Naamkaran is one of the best Indian romantic drama television series, which started on 12 September 2016 and is being broadcast on Star Plus television channel. The show timings are at 9:00PM  IST Monday to Saturday for half an hour. This serial is inspired by the 1998 movie Zakhm which was based on Mahesh Bhatt’s life.

Story of Naamkaran

It is the story of a little girl named as  Avni, an unlawful child, whose father is  Ashish and Avni’s mother is Ayesha or Asha and they  are not married but consider them  as husband and wife in the eyes of public. Asha or Ayesha  and Ashish are having  a living-in relationship and this  is  not known to  the rest of the world and especially Ashish’s family and Ashish’s  parents .However, Avni use to  get continuously teased and made fun by others because of her father’s absence with her. She keenly wishes for her family to become a ‘normal’ family so she may live happily with her parents. But Dayavanti  her grandmother already gave her words to his god figure man, Hemant, that she will give her son ‘s Ashish  hand for his  beautiful daughter Neela.

After   some source of force  Dayawanti convinced   alot to Ashish to get engaged with Neela which she promised to do because  Hemant (Bhai) is diagnosed with a major disease  brain tumor and she does not want to  step back when she gave her tongue to him . Dayavanti does not like Muslims as in the past few years  Muslims had attacked their old house and burned their house  and Ayesha is a Muslim which creates a great trouble in her life. Ashish  only wanted to get married with his mother’s blessing so that was the reason or issue that he didn’t get married during those last  11 years. But Later Ashish gets very irritated after his mother continuously insulting  both Asha and Avni and because of this issues Ashish decides to go  from there and live happily with Asha and Avni. Avniis very happy that her family is now called as a ‘normal’ family that she is with both her parents.

Important Cast members of Naamkaran are

1. Arsheen Namdaar as Avni Mehta

Arsheen Namdaar as Avni Mehta

Arsheen Namdaar named as Avni Mehta: Arsheen Namdaar is a little child actress, who is basically playing the role of Avni in Namkaran currently. In the serial, she has been bound to play the main protagonist, Avni. In the serial, little girl Avni, an unawful child, whose father had left her and her Muslim mother Asha while she was a small child?

2. Barkha Bisht Sengupta as Asha Mehta / Ayesha Haider

Barkha Bisht SenguptaBarkha Bisht Sengupta as Asha Mehta / Ayesha Haider in the serial (Avni’s Mother): As is unmarried, but Asha use to apply Sindoor on her forehead to avoid social and public problems. As Ayesha is Muslim due to which she is not accepted by Mother in law.

3. Viraf Patel as Ashish Mehta

Viraf Patel

Viraf Patel as Ashish Mehta (asAvni’s Father):Viraf Patel was born on 12 June 1980 and is a model and television actor too. Earlier He was a sailor in the merchant navy between 1999 to 2004. He is best known for his role in the Yashraj Teleseries and in this serial he is Ashish who still have a living-in relationship with Ayesha, which is unknown to  the rest of the world and especially Ashish’s family and his mother .

4. Sayantani Ghosh named  as Neela Parekh

Sayantani Ghosh

Sayantani Ghosh named  as Neela Parekh ( as Ashish’s second wife):  Sayantani Ghosh was born on  September 6, 1985 and  is an Indian television actress. And here she is Neela whouse to like Ashish secretly and personally and later confessed it to him on cell phone.

5. Reema Lagoo as Dayavanti Mehta

Reema Lagoo

Reema Lagoo as Dayavanti Mehta (Ashish’s mother and Avni’s grandmother): Reema Lagoo was bornin 1958 and is an Indian actress who has been appearing in Marathi and Hindi films and television shows too. In this serial she is Daya wanti who do not know that her son had another family too, but later  comes to know about his son Ashish  and Ayesha’s relationship through email, because Ashish is too scared to tell his mother  face to face .

6. Gulfam Khan as Nanno/Fatima Banu

Gulfam Khan Gulfam Khan as Nanno/Fatima Banu in the serial: Gulfam Khan was born on 6 June 1975 and is an Indian television and film actress who use to works in Indian television and Bollywood Hindi cinema.

So this is about the serial and its main casting.



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