Star Plus TV Serial Ishqbaaaz Story, Main Cast Real Name with Pics

Ishqbaaaz is the Hindi Indian drama serial which was aired from 27th of June, 2016 in one of the leading Hindi entertainment channel Star Plus at the time slot of 10:00 pm from Monday to Saturday. It is one of the most watched Indian serials in India currently going to touch 130th episode. The story of Ishqbaaaz  revolves around three brothers named as Shivaay, Omkara and Rudra and Oberoi family. Ishqbaaaz generally receives mixed to positive feedback from TV viewers. Currently, it was one of the highest watching serials in the Television Industry. This serial also increases the TRP ratings of Star Plus in that time slot.


The story is about the two brothers of the rich business family called Oberoi family and their wives and children. Tej Singh Oberoi is the elder brother and Jhanvi is his wife they have three children. Their elder son was Omkar, a self-made billionaire and once the drug addict and hates his father, the younger son is Rudra, who doesn’t believe in the concept of marriage and a fun-loving playboy and the third one is Priyanka, she is good, kind, and simple person. The younger brother of Tej is Shakthi and his wife is Pinky. They have only one son named Shivaay, he is the face of the Oberoi group of Industries and business tycoon just like his uncle. He is a non-believer of love. He is engaged to a girl named Tia Kapoor. There is always a fight between Tej and Pinky about who will inherit the business within their sons. But the three brothers Shivaay, Omkara and Rudra have strong between them and they all love their grandma and their Priyanka.

Anika is a middle-class girl running a catering business and she also has an adopted brother named Sahil. Shivaay, judge’s peoples by their lineage and social status so he always has a fight with Anika. Omkara is interested in a girl named Ishana but she is cheating Omkara for his money. Soumya/ Love angel worked as podcaster in radio and she is a granddaughter of a friend of Rudra’s grandmother and she is interested in Rudra. But Rudra likes Love angel by hearing her voice over the radio and he doesn’t know that Soumya was that love angel. She also stayed in the Oberoi mansion for short periods and Anika doing the marriage arrangements of Shivaay and Tia, so she also stayed in that mansion.

Gayathri wife of Ashok Mehta an ex-employ of Oberoi industries and he commits suicide makes Gayathri think that Oberoi family is the reason for that and she wanted to avenge them, but the family was saved by Anika all the times and that makes Oberoi family considers Anika as a family member.  Meanwhile, Omkara and Rudra help Shivaay and Anika’s misunderstanding. Malika, an ex-girlfriend of Sivaay, who stops her marriage and ran away and stayed in the Oberoi Mansion against the will Pinky. She understood that Shivaay likes Anika and not Tia. She wrote a letter to Anika before she was taken from her family. And this story mostly revolves around this family and what are the problems they are going to face and how they escape from that.

Main Cast

Mahesh Thakur as Tej Singh Oberoi

Mahesh Thakur as Tej Singh Oberoi

Mahesh Thakur as Tej Singh Oberoi, father of three children Omkara, Priyankaand Rudra

Mrinal Deshraj playing role of Jhanvi Singh Oberoi

Mrinal Deshraj playing role of Jhanvi Singh Oberoi

MrinalDeshraj playing role of Jhanvi Singh Oberoi, Omkara, Rudra and Priyanka’s mother

Siraj Mustafa Khan as Shakti Singh Oberoi

Siraj Mustafa Khan

Siraj Mustafa Khan as Shakti Singh Oberoi, Shivaay’s father

Nikita anand as Pinky Singh Oberoi

Nikita anand

Nikita anand as Pinky Singh Oberoi, Shivaay’s mother

Nakkul Mehta who is playing Shivaay Singh Oberoi

Nakkul Mehta

Nakkul Mehta who is playing Shivaay Singh Oberoi, eldest son of the family ,face of Oberoi industry and elder brother of Omkara, Rudra, and Priyanka and also Anika’s love interest

Surbhi Chandana as Anika

Surbhi Chandana

Surbhi Chandana as Anika, Shivaay’s love interest

Kunal Jaisingh as Omkara Singh Oberoi

Kunal Jaisingh

Kunal Jaisingh as Omkara Singh Oberoi, a middle brother

Leenesh Matto as Rudra Singh Oberoi

Leenesh Matto

Leenesh Matto as Rudra Singh Oberoi, the youngest brother

Neha Lakshmi Iyer as Soumya/Love angel

Neha Lakshmi Iyer

Neha Lakshmi Iyer as Soumya/Love angel, Rudra’s friend

Subha Rajput as Priyanka Singh Oberoi

Subha Rajput

Subha Rajput as Priyanka Singh Oberoi, Omkara, and Rudra’s Sister

Aryan Prajapati as Sahil

Aryan Prajapati

Aryan Prajapati as Sahil, Anika’s adopted, brother

Vrushika Mehta as Ishana

Vrushika Mehta

Vrushika Mehta as Ishana, Omkara’s Love interest.








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