Sony TV Serial Ek Rishta Saajhedari Ka Story, Main Cast Name Photos

Ek Ristha Saajderi ka is Hindi family Drama series airing on Sony TV, which started premiering on 8th August 2016. The series is produced by Kavita Barjatya Productions by Kavita K. Barjatya. The Series stars Kinshuk Vaidya(Aryan) who became famous for is character as Sanju in Shakalaka  Boom Boom and Shivya Pathania as (Saanchi).The story is about two distinct Individuals, who have similar love and affection towards their families and value their opinions. They both strive to erase the differences between the two families.

The Story So Far

Aryan is a loving and caring boy. He belongs to the rich and the influential Sethia family. He had done his MBA and joined the family business. Saanchi  is a fun loving, care free girl and is a fashion designer and works in her father’s company. She is smart, independent, but at the same time has great family values and respects them. Sanchi and Aryan got out on their bikes to meet their friends at night. Sanchi’s dad Viren gives her green signal to enjoy a carefree night and trusts her. Even Aryan’s uncle Diwakar lets Aryan go off. Aryan and Sanchi meet outside, where they both hate each other at first, but when Aryan saves a puppy  who comes between his way Sanchi gets impressed and understand Aryan’s true nature.

Both the familes come to Jaisalmer to attend a wedding and so a common pandit gets them to gether. Viren agrees to meet them,so pandit talks to the Sethia’s  and tell them about the proposal for Aryan and gives Sanchi’s pictures. Sethia’s too like Sanchi and the Mittal family. Knowing the fact that Vire has built his business empire with his sincere hard workig nature and agree to meet the Mittals family in the wedding.

Sanchi and Aryan doubt on each other’s nature and check their respective social profile network profile to kown more, but they do not get any info and think to meet at the wedding itself.Both the families stop at the same resort for luch. Aryan and Sanchi come close but fail to see each other. At the wedding Sheetal the bride who is a common friend welcomes Sanchi and she greets her friend on her wedding and asks her about the nature and looks of Aryan.They get to know about some dance competition  and prizes for winners, Aryan also congratulates Sheetal and enquires about Sanchi’s nature. Sheetal smiles and gives both her friends the same answer to meet each other tomorrow and know everything directly.

The next day the Sethia and the Mittal families meet each other and both of them wish this alliance would turn out to be the best for everyone. Sanchi and Aryan are left to talk to each other, they both talk with respect and sweet nature, at the end they come to the opinion that they cant marry each other as their choices and opinions does not match. When they tell the decision to their families they try to explain them and request to reconsider by meeting each other again.Meanwhile a rich Rishi Patni, owner of Patni textiles meets Sanchi incidentally and starts liking her and takes her picture on his phone. Rishi’s family is also searching for an alliance where as Sanchi and Aryan’s alliance comes to a halt.

With a twist of events Aryan and Sanchi fall in love with each other and so the marriage date is fixed. The Sethias are nearing bankruptcy and so they try to break the alliance, however the Mithals give them enough money by which they rose again and Aryan- Sanchi get married, but due to some events differences come up with both the families. Now Sanchi and Aryan try to get both their families come closer.


1. Kinshuk Vaidya as Aryan

Kinshuk Vaidya

He is back on television after a decade with Ek Rishta Saajhedari ka as Aryan after role as Sanju in the series Shaka Laka Boom Boom.

2. Shivya Pathania as Sanchi

Shivya Pathania

She plays the role of Sanchi, Shivya is an Indian model and had her debut in television with Humsafars.

3. Sooraj Thapar

Sooraj Thapar

He is a famous television actor. He did many TV serials and gained name and fame by his many different characters.

4. Nitesh Pandey as Tejas

Nitesh Pandey

Nitesh got his first break in a show called Tejas. Nitesh worked in serials like Ek Prem Kahani and films like Om Shanti Om, Khosla ka Ghosla.






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