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Does a Kurti make you feel plumper while you want to achieve a slimmer look? There is a possibility that your styling options make you appear plumper. If your fitness regime has not given you the desired results yet. You can try various styling tips, tricks, and hacks that will help your Kurti look appear slimmer. Additionally, you do not have to dress to the old Kurti designs but the new and trendy ones that are in vogue right now. Plus, since the Kurti is the most sought Indian silhouette. Avoiding to dress in one because of your size is not wise for you cannot do without this beautiful, versatile and comfortable Kurti. Therefore, forget your weight and size struggles. Then embrace wearing the Kurti by following the simple hacks below that will give your Kurti look a slimmer appearance.

Dress your Kurti the right way’

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Add-ons are a popular way to style a Kurti especially since it is a versatile garb. However, if you do it without considering your body shape and other styling tips it will make you appear plumper. Therefore, some hacks will help you appear slimmer while wearing a Kurti, for instance, layering a Kurti with a long jacket to cover the heavy waistline. Ensure the jacket is made from a flattering fabric that is thinner than other heavy ones. If you are struggling with a hippy frame and flabby thighs. Choose to pair your Kurti with straight cut palazzo for the hippy frame. While a Lehenga skirt works best with those with flabby thighs. Also, wearing a belt over a Kurti especially for the pear-shaped women will give you a slimmer look.

Choose the right color 

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Did you know that the color you choose for your asymmetric high low Kurtis can give you a slimmer look? The right color palette is very vital especially when you are conscious about your size. Although Kurtis looks attractive in every color. When you are on the plumper side the best color palette for you to get an illusion of a slimmer frame are darker tones. Black works best for all of them. Nonetheless, maroon, brown, dark green and wine are others that are ideal as well. Since they do not reflect light. Therefore, they are amazing camouflaging those appalling bulges. Avoid colors like white and others that have a bright tone like yellow and orange unless you want to look plumper.

Illusion forms and prints 

When you know how to dress to various Kurti forms and illusion prints that show off a slimmer frame. Everyone will compliment you for losing weight. Prints and forms are used to adorn your garment and contribute a lot to how you appear whether shorter, taller, slimmer and plumper. Therefore, the best prints and forms that help you achieve a slender frame are finer forms and vertical stripes. Also other ascending patterns and half-half vertical color Kurtis still is the best options of stripes to make you appear slim. The prints that should be avoided are bold since they show an enormous appeal and also attract too much attention and are not best for the plumper woman.

Choose the right fabric 

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As you shop for your next Kurti. It is important to know how each fabric makes your frame appear. As discussed earlier it is obvious that the type of fabric can accentuate your figure and overall look. However, which is the best fabric that will give you a slimmer appearance? For instance, georgette fabrics are flattering since they fall over curves and are the best options for Kurtis. Additionally, you can also opt for crepe, cotton, linen and satin silk which are also good fabrics. Thus the idea is to know how best to dress your frame and how to play around with the fabric. If you need a velvet Kurti to attend a party. It will still work since you can look for one with a thinner weave that won’t make you look bulky like lycra, tissue, and suede.

Adorn to the right accessories

In every Indian outfit, there is a right way to accessorize it to get the look that you are aiming for. Therefore, as you use accessories to create an overall alluring ensemble. Still, you can get some accessories to blend in with your Kurti for that slimmer frame. For instance, there is a type of jewelry that you can adorn to when you have a chubby and round face with a heavy neck. Choose straight danglers of medium length that have little details. Then on the neck area, a long necklace and studs will work perfectly. Other accessories like a scarf over heavy bust also give a slimming appearance.

Flattering styles and cuts 

Kurti 5When you are on the heavier side do not limit yourselves to wearing appealing Kurtis. Since you can still get a glamorous Kurti that will fit you perfectly and one that gives an illusion of a well-toned figure. Hence choose a polo neck, high collar, A-line and a long-sleeved asymmetric Kurti to give you a slimmer frame. On the other hand, an Anarkali Kurtis that fits at the top and flares below is best when you have a heavy lower body. It is important to avoid any pleats and gatherings for they make you appear heavier. Once you get the style and cut of your Kurti right you will also boost your overall confidence.

In conclusion, the above hacks that help you look slimmer can be used not only on Kurti looks but other Indian outfits as well like the saree. Hence you can always choose your creative mind to try other hacks that will give you similar results. Hence keep looking gorgeous as fashion is an ongoing game and try with some of the above-named hacks too to upgrade your overall look. Simple things like the choice of footwear also contribute as when your footwear matches your Kurtis bottoms it helps you appear slender and taller.

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