Should I Mop or Vacuum First?

I think this is the question that no one will never ask yourself. Many people will wonder, but what if you are doing it wrong for your whole life?

There is nothing right or wrong in cleaning the home. You must plan properly so that you can manage it well but denying some methods to clean. If you are thinking about what the “proper” order of cleaning is, don’t worry, there is a solution for everything.

Read the following article to know more about the mopping and vacuum and cleaning.

If you want to look at your floor as good as new, then you must know the types of dirt present.

There are two types of dirt:

spin mop

  • The surface levels

In this, the dirt present in the topmost layer like mud, dust, etc.

  • The bottom levels

In this, the dirt will stay even after the cleaning on the surface. It might be like food pieces, spilt liquid.

Do you want to get rid of all these and make your floor nice again? So, here is the process and let us go through one by one.

Start with the vacuuming 

As mentioned, the surface layer is baggy than another layer. The dust particles can move freely, in which vacuum makes it easy in cleaning and suck the dust.

If you start with moping with spin mop, the dust which is present under the furniture or in the corners of the home, etc. will remain there itself and it will start collecting more and more. That’s why first you must vacuum well and remove freely moving dirt under the furniture or in the corners, etc. cleanly and then move for the next.

So, vacuuming makes clean on the surface and gets rid of it. After that, you can mop to take care of the grimes.

Mop the floor after vacuuming

As I already said, vacuuming is very easy than mopping, and it will get rid of the dust easily, but that is not enough. If you want your floor to be clean, we need to get ready for the next start, which is mopping.

Some of the steps to how to mop the home properly

  • Don’t use cold water, mix it with the hot water, and make it warm before mopping.
  • Pour the cleaning solution into the water and spread the solution all over.
  • Make sure you start from the end and move towards the door.
  • Rinse the mop after cleaning one or the half portion and change the water once or twice in the middle of mopping.

These are the steps to be followed when cleaning and keeping your floor clean and shiny, and it will keep you out of grime.


I hope by reading the above article had cleared your confusion that what should you do first in the process of cleaning and why it’s important to vacuum first and then mop next. If you do another way around or reverse, you can try it and make sure you keep it clean.

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