Sharad Navratri 2022 Start Date, Time, Calender, Schedule, 9 Days Goddess Name Information

The auspicious Hindu celebration of devoting 09 days to worship nine incarnations of Goddess Maa Durga just before Vijay Dashmi (Dusshera) called as Sharad Navratri. The nine days of devotion is fully packed with chanting mantras offering to fast and celebrating nights with Dandiya Dance throughout Navratris.

The fasting and devotion nine days journey starts with dedicating each of the days to the different embodiment of Goddess Durga, importance, and dignity to follow while offering prayers to nine goddesses is explained beneath.

It will start from 26th September 2022 and complete on 5th October 2022.

Navratri Day One-Shailputri Puja

This Year the First Day of Navratri falls on 26 of September, Goddess Shailputri also known as Mother Of Nature is worshiped with Ghatassthapna means devotee has to sow seeds of grains in clay pot signifying the presence of Maa Durga for nine Days. Goddess Shailputri is said to wear Grey Saree and holds a lotus flower in one hand and the other hand offers a blessing to the worshippers.

Navratri Day Two- Shailputri Puja

As Navratri this year is extended for 10 days and 11th day is Vijay Dashmi, the second day of Navratri will be worshiped for Goddess Shailputri, the Goddess of Nature is offered in the morning with flower garland offered on the photo of Goddess. The first day is equipped with lots of preparation and decorations after that devotee starts reading Durga Saptshashti a chapter every day.

Navratri Day Three-Maa Brahmacharini

The second face of Maa Durga worshiped after Shailputri is Maa Brahmacharini, this day of Navratri is famously called as the pinnacle of piousness. The goddess Brahmacharini wears white saree holding kamandal (water pot) in one hand and Rosary in the other. People offer devotion with lots of love are blessed with knowledge, prosperity, and wisdom.

Durga Puja

Navratri Day Four- Maa Chandraghanta

The fourth day of Navratri is worshiped with full devotion to Maa Chandraghanta one of the nine incarnations of Goddess Durga. Goddess has “half moon” on her head shaped like bell “ghanta” that’s why she is called as ChandraGhanta Devi. The form of Maa Durga bless devotees blissful and peaceful life. She has three eyes and 10 hands equipped with Sword, Trishul, Bell, Arrows, Lotus and Bow.

Navratri Day Five- Maa Kushmanda

The goddess with famous names Adishakti and Adiswarup are offered prayers on the fourth day of Navratri, the devotees should pray to Maa Kushmanda and after that should offer prayers to Lord Vishnu and Brahma in order to retain best wishes of Goddess Kushmanda.

Navratri Day Six- Maa Skandmata

The fifth avatar of Goddess Durga is offered prayer on the sixth day this year, Maa Skandmata is the mother of Kartikeya brother of Lord Ganesha and leader of the war against demons. Maa Skandmata is the daughter of Himalayan and wife to Lord Shiva, Worshipping Skandmata blessed life with happiness and love.

Navratri Day Seven- Maa Katyayani

The sixth face of Goddess Durga, Maa Katyayani is the daughter of Katyayan who wanted Goddess Durga to born as his daughter prayers and hard penance pleased God to born as her daughter. Maa Katyayani killed demon Mahishasur in the war against demons.

Navratri Day Eight- Kalaratri Maa

Falling on 8th October Day of Kalratri Maa means “Dark Moonless Night” or “Kaal of Death” is worshiped to eliminate all types of fears, suffering, and problems in life is the most anguish form of Goddess to fight against all odds of life.

Navratri Day Nine- Maa Mahagauri

The eight Avatar of Maa Durga is the wife of Lord Shiva and her name “Maha” denotes great. In the fight against demons, Maa Gauri killed Shumbh and Nishumbh on this day.

Navratri Day Ten- Maa Siddhidatri

The Last day of Navratri is chanted as mantras offered to Maa Siddhidatri, “Siddhi” signifies perfection on the other hand “Datri” signifies offering to others, Goddess Siddhidatri offers the blessing to others as she sat on a lotus flower with her procession as Lion.


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