Salads Finding Their Rightful Place

Salads usually bring the images of neatly cut cucumber, carrot, onion and lemon. An additional thing that might pop up in the visual is a sprinkle of coriander leaves. This is the most commonly available salad in most parties. This is the case at home parties and even at most restaurants. In restaurants, sometimes, salads also come along with boiled or roasted peanuts.

This stereotypical image of a salad is slowly changing. The ability to order food online is one reason. Another equally important reason is the burgeoning number of food apps, the supporting restaurants and eating joints. There is a food app for each food item these days. Ill not be surprised if there is a specific food app for salads alone. A good many number of people order salads online these days.

salads online

Salads as a component of food are gaining a lot of acceptance. The current generation of millenials and their eating patterns are a subject of an in depth research. There is a lot that can be understood about them through such research. One key observation pertaining to them is they are comfortable ordering food online. It is a hassle free process for them. It saves time and effort. Another important observation is that they are carefully careless about their health. So, they do indulge in a pizza and burger occasionally but they are also calorie conscious. They do keep a watch on their intake of fiber and vitamins. This is where they feel comfortable to order salads online.

Salads as such have also gone through tremendous change. From the earlier versions of carrot and cucumber, today there is a range of gourmet salads available. Salad combinations of vegetables, pasta, fruits and even millets are available. Some fine dining restaurants serve salads that are a delight to the eyes. They look like pieces of art from a studio. It is a blessing for salad lovers as some of these delicacies are available in the order food online section of these restaurants.

Exotic salads generally mean imported lettuce, jucchini, avocado and the likes to most of us. It is interesting to note that some very good salads can be made with local produce of seasonal vegetables. Thanks to food blogging, such recipes from the kitchens of innovative home makers are available to a larger public now. Recipes of cooking veterans can give stiff competition to even gourmet salads online. Such is the wealth that resides in common Indian kitchens.

It is also a myth that salad dressing and olive oil generally do not go with Indian vegetables. The locally available gourds and vegetables go extremely well with most of the salad dressings and olive oil too. It is important to cook, steam, sauté or stir fry them the right way. It is only then that the combination of these seasonal vegetables with salad dressing and oils create the magic that a well prepared salad. Ordering food online as a culture has promoted such recipes to come to the fore front. Home cooks also find a place in this ever expanding horizon of eating food ordered online.

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