SAB TV Serial Y.A.R.O Ka Tashan Cast Real Name With Photos

There are various channels which brings the entertainment programs for the people. One of the channels which produce various serials which one can see with the family is the SAB TV. From many one of the serial which is liked by everyone is the Y.A.R.O ka Tashan which is the Hindi drama with comedy. This serial comes on the weekdays from Monday to Friday around 7:30 pm. This story is about the Professor by the name of Govardhan Aggarwal and his wife by the name Beena Aggarwal. In this the professor makes the robot and named it as Y.A.R.O whom they considered as their own child. In this they had programmed him so that he behaves like a 6 year old child and later did the programming for the 15 year and 21 year old person. The full form of Y.A.R.O is Young Assembled Robotic Object which is humanoid. The robot just look like a human and no one could guess that it is not a human.

In the starting it was shown that Govardhan Aggarwal is happy with his wife Beena Aggarwal. Despite of the many years of marriage they do not have any child. So Professor invented Y.A.R.O and they both treated them as their own son. They gave the full affection and love to him like their own son and everyone thought of the same. The three gangsters tried to kidnap the Mr Saxena’s son. Then Y.A.R.O comes for the rescue of them and save it from the kidnappers. Then it did various things for helping the people around like the Mr. Chaturvedi wants to go to the office and getting late. Then Y.A.R.O hits the scooter of Chaturvedi ji with the full strength and sends him to the office on time. But then dolly meets the Y.A.R.O and warn him that to do not disturb the Chaturvedi ji in any form in future. It helps the Beena in cleaning the house and Beena gives thanks to him for doing so.

Then there are people who came to the house of Y.A.R.O for living as tenant such as Shilpy, Prem and Amar. He wants to get friendship with them and extends its hand for the same. They got astonished by seeing his extraordinary activities of him as the superhuman and tried to avoid him. Then Chaturvedi ji get insulted by the tenants. For insult he yells at Y.A.R.O in his house. Meanwhile Dolly got attracted towards the Prem and tries to attract him. Professor had the suspicion on the tenants so he inserts the tracker into Y.A.R.O body. The tenants invited Y.A.R.O for the party. In which they gave the juice to Y.A.R.O with an evil motive and it diffuses the circuit in his body. Then Beens tells the tenants about that Y.A.R.O is a robotic humanoid. Then Professor wanted to reboot the system of Y.A.R.O so that it gets ok and he requested from the Prem and Amar to keep the Chaturvedi away from home. It is a serial which could be watched with the family. There are many characters and some of them play the key role such as –

1. Aniruddh Dave as Raajkumar Aaryyan

Aniruddh Dave

The character name as Y.A.R.O. He was from Rajasthan and belongs to the service class family from educational department. From his childhood he wants to be the actor and started doing the theater after completed his graduation. He then moved in Delhi and acted in famous plays like Rashomon, Man without shadow and various others. He had received the Rashtrapati Award for doing theatre plays and acting. He did various serials and started his career into serial such as Raajkumar Aaryyan in the year 2008 and later did many serials.

2. Rakesh Bedi as Govardhan Aggarwal

Rakesh Bedi

The character played in this serial is of Professor Govardhan Aggarwal. He started his film career in the year 1979 as a supporting actor with the film Hamare Tumhare. At present he had done acting in more than 150 films and serials. He had given some of the famous films such as Farooq Shaikh and many others. He also hosted a science serial in the ZeeQ with the name Brain Café. He had started his career in the serial with the name Shubh Vivah. He was awarded with the Best Actor in a Comic role for the film Yes Boss by Indian Telly Awards in the year 2008.






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