SAB TV Serial Khidki Real Cast Name With Photos

Those who are a fan of serial which offer humoured comedy are much known to SAB TV. This channel telecasts funny serials which a person can watch with his family. There are many popular shows aired everyday which are popular among people for different reasons. There are much daily soap which are popular among every household. With these all light comedy shows, SAB TV is a perfect channel to kill your boredom.

Talking about a very popular show which is currently airing is Khidki. This is a very unique conceptual show and it offers funny stories of every household. This is also a serial which you can watch with your family. Through this show, you can share your light moment with family to the channel and you can also stand a chance to appear on SAB TV for this show too. Khidki receives multiple good stories around the India and there are two very successful Bollywood directors, JD Majethia and UmeshShukla who directed movie, Oh My God are given the responsibility to shortlist the entries of the common man.

The stories which are premiered on the show are related to common man and their general problems. This is the reason that most of the people are watching them as they are relating them with their own story too. Through Khidki, viewers are getting a new laughter therapy. The stories are real and they do have real incidences involved in the story. The show started premiering from 28th June and they are also selecting very unique story too. The concept of the channel and for the serial producer is to offer endless laugh to the people and to know about the situations in the real life that can bring happiness to a person.  Let us know about the serial cast:

1. Aishwarya Sakhuja

Aishwarya Sakhuja

Aishwarya is a very talented and renowned actress of small screen and she will be seen in the first episode of the show Khidki. She will be back after a brief break to play a role in the fictional serial. Her appearance on the screen will be quite different to the roles she did it in past and she will be seen as Boxer Anju. She will be portraying this character which is from a Gujarati Family and she will be the elder sister among 3 girls and 1 boy of a family. Like every typical family story, this also resembles to follow the tradition by marrying the elder daughter so that others can also get married. The elder daughter is Anju and she has to be married.

2. Rajeev Mehta

He is again a very popular name when it comes to the comedy genre. He became a household name in the country with his serial, Khichdi. In the daily soap, Khidki, he will be playing the father of the Gujarati family and her elder daughter will be Aishwarya (Anju). The character that he will portray will be an Account professor, who has got a false name under a paper leaking scam. His character is of a very gentle and simple professor. His character in the episode makes it a must watch episode as he is good with all the roles that he play. He had also done some dark roles in movies and other serials too.

3. Lubna Salim as Leela Thakkar

The very favourite actresses of small screen in Lubna Salim, she will also be a part of this first episode. She earned her fame with her first television serial, Ba Bahoo Aur Betiyan which was also the longest aired television serial. Her role in that serial was of Leela Thakkar and she did it with pride. With this serial, she is making her comeback to the small screen and home to see her in many more good roles.

4. Sarita Joshi

Sarita is considered to be a very experienced and versatile actress and she is making her comeback to the small screen with the serial. She had done several movies and serials and is a very active theatre artist who performed more than 150 plays. She is a very well known name in Gujarati theatre or movie industry. Her comic timing as well as her serious roles are very much joy to watch as she plays them with positivity. She is a hard working actress.






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