Sab TV Serial Ichhapyaari Naagin Main cast name with photos

Ichhapyaari Naagin is an Indian Hindi comedy romantic TV serial, which debuted on 27th Sep 2016 on SAB TV. Priyal Gor plays the lead part alongside Mishkat Varma. Ichhapyaari Naagin is set in a land called Naagistan where numerous Ichhadhaari Naags and Naagins live. They are decent and never get horrendous. One day while viewing TV, they understand that earthlings have made a negative picture in their brains about snakes, that the snakes are negative and harm the humans. At that point they conclude that they should concoct approach to change this impression about them.

Ichha and Babbal are enamored inspite of the way that Ichha is a Nagin yet a delightful Nagin, who is helpful, carefree. Ichha figures out how to tackle the issues of the families in amusing way which will be loved by audience. This serial is produced by Siddharth Malhotra.

Ichhapyaari Naagin main cast name

1. Priyal Gor as Ichha, Ichhapyaari Naagin, female lead

Priyal GorThe creators have the female as lead part of naagin played by priyal gor. Iccha (Priyal Gor) come to Earth from Naagistan on a mission as her kin imagine that we people have made a terrible picture of snakes. Ichha will experience passionate feelings for a human (Mishkat Varma). However, her desires smash when she becomes more acquainted with that Babbal doesn’t put stock in a relationship amongst snakes and people.

2. Mishkat Varma as Babbal Pratap, male lead

Mishkat Varma played the role of Babbal Pratap. Babbal Pratap is a complete misfit in the family and everyone is wants him to take the wrestling legacy ahead. He later understands his affection for Ichha and tries affirming his adoration to Ichha on different events. In any case, Ichha overlooks his advances. After many unsuccessful trials, Babbal chooses to flirt with Amrita to make Ichha insecure and jealous.

3. Farida Jalal Sharma as Kaushalya Pratap

Farida Jalan Sharma as Kaushalya Pratap

Farida Jalal Sharma played the role of Dadi. Kaushalaya Devi keeps a watch on her children and their eating routine. She hates snakes as it killed her better half, who was set to become famous globally. She chooses to give Ichha a chance to remain at their place after she pretends a memory loss because of the accident.

4. Badrul Islam as Khadak Pratap

Khadak Pratap is the child of a honor winning pehelwan however he doesn’t look anything like one, as he is short, incline and tiny.

5. Rakshit Pant as Sabbal Pratap

Sabbal Pratap

Sabbal Pratap is Khadak Pratap’s second child. He has an extraordinary strong body however misses the mark concerning knowledge. He is dependably observed with a book to help him to remember his things to be done.

6. Pravin Soni as Prabbal Pratap

Prabbal Pratap is the eldest child of Khadak Pratap. He is honored with an extraordinary body. However, stammers because of head damage.

7. Pooja Khatri as Mamta Pratap

Mamta Pratap

Mamta Pratap is Prabbal’s wife.

8. Sadhil Kapoor as Appu Pratap

Sadhil Kapoor

Appu character is played by Sadhil Kapoor. In the serial Appu is Prabal’s Pratap child. Appu becomes more acquainted with that Ichha is a Naagin and chooses to dispose of her. Notwithstanding, they turn into the best of companions when Ichha spares his life. Inspite of realizing that no connection can be conceivable amongst people and snakes.

9. Reyhna Malhotra as Vishaili/Amrita

Reyhna Malhotra

Vishaili, an insidious snake of Vishailgarh who lost one of her relatives on account of Daadi’s child, Shankar, pledges to execute every last individual from his family and has since grabbed him and held him prisoner to discover about the whereabouts of his family.


Nowadays Nagins are leading the TV with incredible TRP. Presently its opportunity to see adorable Nagin rather than a violent and a revengeful nagin . Sab TV has launched a show Ichhapyari Nagin, a light parody show. The production company is Alchemy productions and the shooting of the show takes place at Mumbai, India. Its timings are 8:00 pm from Monday to Friday.

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