Rising Star India 2017 Auditions Dates, Venue, Online Registrations Details

Rising Star India 2017: The Reality Show With A Difference

These days one can find various platforms for showcasing one’s talents.  Rising Star India that will be aired on Colors TV towards the beginning of 2017 is one such platform that provides budding singers the exceptional opportunity to exhibit their talent in singing and win the hearts of the people through their melodious voice. Based on the original format of Hakochav Haba owned by Keshet Broadcasting International Ltd, Rising Star is organised by Viacom 18 Media Pvt Ltd.

What is Rising Star all about?

Rising Star India 2017

In this reality show anyone who can impress people by their vocal cords can participate regardless of their background, personality, occupation e.t.c. However children below six years of age cannot participate. ‘Breathless’ singer Shankar Mahadevan will be the Judge and the Mentor of the show. He will be guiding and judging the participants so that they can enrich and improve their skills.

How is this show different from other reality shows?

This show has a very unique format where only few performers will get the chance of performing live. In this way the performers will be judged based solely on their singing ability and not by their looks, personality and language spoken by them or the region they come from. Rising Star breaks all stereotypes of the reality shoes that were previously aired on television.  Here the participants will remain hidden behind a wall which will not be removed till their votes reach 70%. Thus the viewers have to vote based on the audio. Another important aspect of the show is that the viewers will be directly involved in deciding the fate of the participants. Produced by Optimystix Entertainment, this reality show has an instant and live format and provides the viewers the opportunity to get involved with the progress of the show via an application.

Who can participate in the show?

Anyone who has the ability to song and is above the age of six can participate. Even if you have not received any formal training in singing but have the capability of mesmerizing others with your voice, then also you can participate.  One may perform solo, duet or in a group.

How to take part in the show?

For coming on the show one must go through the audition process. Before that it is required to register on the website of the show by filling out the details like name, contact details and other necessary information and upload the audition video. The audition commences from 16th October and will continue till 16th December. The time period may be extended or modified by Viacom 18.

Requirements of the video

The video must contain a song that has been sung by the participant in his or her voice. It is up to the participant whether to use any musical instrument at the time of recording the video.

The duration of the video must be less than 3 minutes. The participants must be very careful regarding the time of the video as video exceeding the time limit of 3 minutes will be rejected.

The Video should be of 10MB or lesser size.

The formats that are acceptable are Avi, mpeg and Mp4.

One has the option to upload the video multiple times within the specified time limit.

Those willing to participate can upload their video on the website and also via the Colors App. It will be decided by Viacom 18 which video to select.

If you have confidence on your singing then start making your audition video and you may get the chance of becoming the next singing star of India.


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