Priyanka Chopra Upcoming Movies & Facts About Her

The Bollywood Face representing India at International stage, Priyanka Chopra has developed her league as an extraordinary piece of the performer with the ability to act both smooth and tough roles simultaneously. The journey from Bollywood Star to International Star is not everyone’s cup of tea, Priyanka is well-known for her ability to flame stages as International Pop Singer.

Priyanka Chopra is not only rated as the highest-paid Indian Actress, Priyanka is giving stiff completion to International Actors in the league of excellence and popularity. Crowned as the winner of Miss World title in 2000, Bollywood welcomed the Diva with her debut just a few months after the fame of Miss World. The Hero: Love Story of a spy is her first remarkable Bollywood work, Priyanka gained popularity for her depiction a movie Andaaz and Mujhse Shaadi Karogi.

Priyanka’s acting career charted best for her representation of Autism Girl role in Barfi, other milestone performances by Priyanka includes Biopic Mary Kom based on life of 5 times Gold Medalist Indian Boxer Mary Kom. Short but stunning role as Bajirao’s wife in movie Bajirao Mastani amazed spectators, as per critics she snatched limelight from Deepika Padukone cast as leading lady in the movie.

Priyanka Chopra

Passionate for singing Priyanka doesn’t hesitate for reviews for her new project and flamed International stage with her International Pop Album called Exotic that overnight marked her as new Hollywood sensation.

Priyanka Chopra adds more proud as Indian, she becomes the first South Asian Lady to become part of American based T.V Series called Quantico.

Priyanka Chopra is also known well for her philanthropic works, she strongly condemns gender biased pay and was also appointed as the Goodwill Ambassador for UNICEF project based on Child Rights in 2010.

Priyanka Chopra famed as International star has never looked at Bollywood projects as useless as compared to her International commitment, in her recent interview Priyanka opined to give first preference to Bollywood projects.

As Star Priyanka Chopra doesn’t get rid of controversies, she was in news after the release of Don with Shah Rukh Khan for her more than the usual connection with SRK.

Upcoming Movies


The pop singing hit and gaining popularity as one of the popular face Internationally has bestowed Priyanka with Hollywood debut. Priyanka Chopra’s fans are waiting eagerly for the release of Baywatch that showcased Priyanka as the leading lady in the movie along with Dwayne Johnson and ZacEffron. Baywatch has been categorized under Drama genre, Priyanka Chopra is firm about her upcoming treat for worldwide fans. The film is Directed by Seth Gordon and is expected to release on 19th May 2017.

Quantico Season 2 (T.V Series)

Gaining popularity worldwide and applauded for her glamorous avatar in Quantico Season 1, ABC production showed their will to cast Priyanka Chopra in their second season. The First season gained 8.06 million viewers worldwide, with more sensational performances Quantico Season 2 is launched on 26th September.

Priyanka has not signed any Bollywood project after Jai Gangajal, Priyanka, however, hinted that she will sign a movie soon.

Some Facts about Priyanka Chopra

  • Priyanka dreamed of being an Engineer, she dropped the idea for Criminal Psychologist at last fate gifted her Miss World Crown in 2000.
  • Priyanka Chopra is famous as PC worldwide but her family and close friends call her ‘Sunshine’ and ‘Mimi’.
  • You may think her favorite dish will be some of Michelin Star Restaurant recipe, originally Priyanka has a soft corner for Khichadi with Achar.
  • Priyanka Chopra loves lavish cars, the self-made woman has a collection of the BMw-7 series car, Mercedes Sedan Class, Porsche Cayenne and much more.







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