List of Paap-O-Meter Cartoon Characters & Cast Names

It is a cartoon ghost comedy serial that is made for kids. You will get a bhoosboss who some assistants assist. The assistants are funny and can bring a smile to your kid’s faces. Bhootboss has two assistants. One is Pakhela, and the other one is Thakela.

Introduction of Paap-o-Meter:

It is a wonderful comedy serial that your kids will love. Pakhela and Thakela have only one motto in their life. They have to punish the evildoers. They live in the sky and keep a strict watch on the earth upon the people who commit the crime. Paap o Meter or the Meter of sin always inform them about the sins. Pakhela and Thakela have to press two buttons to know the sins that the humans do on earth. Apart from them, bhootboss has other assistants who also assist him in work. Sometimes, Pakhela and Thakela make a mess, and then Bhootboss enters the scene.

Paap-O-Meter Cartoon

The characters in this show are,




The sinners


Now let us proceed to know about the characters.


He is a 35 years old man who is noble and pure gentlemen. He is in charge of the Paap-o-meter to check the amount of sin on the earth. He keeps a constant watch on the activities of people on the planet. He is also the mentor for Thakela and Pakhela. He has rescued many people from committing sins. If you go through some episodes, you will know about his character. He always fights against the wrong-doers.


He is a 16 years old lazy ghost. He works for bhootboss and has an assistant named Thakela. He is always for a chance to beat Thakela but misses most of the time. He is gunned down in Season 4 and Episode 7 of the serial while saving a child who was being trafficked. The incident took place in Brazil.


He is another assistant of Bhootboss. He is also a 16-year-old boy who loves to eat and sleep. His only dream is to sleep for days if he gets an option. You can catch his love for food in many episodes. This will make you feel laughing, and you will love to watch the episodes.

The sinners:

Here the sinners are the terrible person who commits a crime on earth. Bhootboss is all set to punish them for wrongful acts. He is always ready to punish people if they are found to be guilty. People should be careful while doing any wrong action.


He is an energetic and clever ghost who assists Bhootboss in his mission. However, if he gets a chance, he will trick Pakhela and Thakela. He has an extraordinary sense of humour, and this makes him unique before the Bhootboss. He gets a lot of appreciation for his excellent work from his boss. In Season 2 Hatela was shot down by Bhootboss’s wife.  It is one of the tragic parts of the serial. The role of Hatela was irregular in this serial.

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