Overseas Education: How to Prepare Yourself


Imagine, you are opening up a new café. What all is required for starting a café? Planning. Documentation. Finding Resources. Trying new dishes. Managing Finances. And Ready, Set, Go!

We plan so much before investing in a startup, don’t you think we should be extra ready while moving to another country!? How to prepare yourself before you land in a foreign nation?

In a nutshell, you need to prepare for IELTS or PTE for your overseas education and get overseas student health cover. But, how to do and what to do? This is what we are going to talk about today.

Overseas Education How to Prepare Yourself

Things You Need to Do

We frequently get questions like ‘how to pursue overseas education?’ or ‘which school should I go to for my further studies?’ etc. This is why we have created this article – to help you on your way to moving abroad. First things first, why are you even here? What is the purpose of your foreign trip? Well, if it’s just for study, then that makes things easier.

1. Prepare a Document List

Make sure that before you start, you prepare a list of documents. Note down all your requirements and keep updating them on a daily basis. It is also known as a Check List. This way, your process becomes easier and systematic.

For example: Speak to your friends, university guide or study abroad consultants, and point out some essential considerations. Such as budgeting for accommodations (and how much money do students usually bring?), transportation, telephone services, and banking details if needed.

2. Shortlist Colleges or Universities

The best way to find a good fit for you is by researching the university and program in-depth. Make sure it offers what you want before committing because studying abroad isn’t just about going abroad. It is about gaining higher and insightful education. It is also about enhancing your skills and building a good career.

Make sure that during your research, you include the following pointers:

  • Degree and Specialization
  • Study Location
  • Working Opportunities (if there are jobs relevant to your course)
  • Weather conditions and Availability of Essentials
  • Accommodation and Transportation Services

3. Prepare for English Language Test – IELTS or PTE

Start by deciding which test you should take. Again, this depends on the college/university and study abroad destination that you choose. If IELTS is more in-demand in that country, go for it or else opt for PTE. Either way, it is required to pursue overseas education.

IELTS – The IELTS Academic test is suitable for those wanting to study in an English-speaking environment or university (higher education). You can apply to various universities after completing the IELTS Academic test. This IELTS test measures not only your basic grammar but also vocabulary that’s familiar within academic settings.

PTE – The PTE Academic exam is a computer-based test that is accepted by institutions all over the world. It’s aimed at students who want to go abroad for studies and tests a student’s day-to-day English language skills. The three-hour-long test focuses on understanding how you communicate with people – this way students know what kind of skills are needed when studying there!

4. Contact an Overseas Education Consultant

It is essential, although not mandatory to consult an education expert for your overseas education dream. The education consultants have years of experience and they deal with colleges daily. Thus, they can immediately give you numerous college/university options based on your education and interest. Moreover, this simplifies your search, makes you aware of the common mistakes that other students have made, and speeds up your application process. Talking to a consultant ensures the best college options, saves time and helps you throughout the process.

5. Obtain an Overseas Student Health Cover

International students who opt for higher studies in Australia must obtain OSHC. It is vital. The Overseas Student Health Cover includes doctor visits, hospital treatment (not all hospitals are included under OSHC), ambulance services, and medical expenses! As per the guidelines, OSHC is compulsory if you want to study in Australia. In fact, it is also important for the spouse or dependent to undergo an OSHC before arriving in Australia. You can easily contact an OSHC expert or agent for detailed information on types of covers.

6. Get Packed! Keep Essentials Only and Save!

Once you are all set, there is one important thing to remember. Manage your essentials and money! Traveling to a foreign land is definitely a bit difficult at first. But once you understand the place, things get easier. Till then, all you can do is manage yourself well. Take pre-cooked food and spices along with you. Make sure, you pack basic first-aid. Take a print of all your documents and save it on your laptop or email.

Also, learn to manage your money. Instead of restaurants, try street food. Instead of keeping cash, save money in the bank. Also, avoid parties for a couple of months, save money by staying at home and working hard. This will help you in the long run!

7. Join Student Group to Get Latest Updates

These days, you can find everything online! Use this to your benefit. You can use the online platform for two main reasons:

  • To find the university reviews or campus life.
  • Get acquainted with other students

There are a lot of ways to find out if an institution is right for you, but social media channels and online videos can be your best friend. Watch as many short-form clips from around campus or interviews are done by international students on their home turf – it’ll give insights into how they feel about life at this university!

Also, join student groups where you will get lots of the latest information or any festive updates. For example, students share about transportation, meal services, rental services, festival celebrations, and much more.

Stay connected. This way, you will know a few people even before landing at your study overseas destination.


Remember why you went overseas. Always! That will be your sole motivation for everything you do from then on. Make a note of these points and get help where ever needed. It is always difficult traveling to a new city, then it will, of course, take a little time settling in a foreign country. So, don’t lose hope. Concentrate on your studies and ambition, rest everything will fall in place.

And most importantly, if you have any queries, do let us know!

All the Best!

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