National Heartthrob Yuvraj Singh Dragged in Domestic Violence case by his Ex Bhabhi

Akanksha Sharma, Ex Bigg boss contestant and also ex wife of  Yuvraj Singh’s younger brother, Zorawar, continues to play havoc against the Singh Family as she just filed a Domestic violence case against them for Mental and emotional  harassment in a  court here in Gurugram. Her lawyer Swati singh malik confirmed that She was waiting for the “right” time and the time is here now as the court date is set for Oct 21 which is also the date for the first hearing.

akansha sharma 1

Moreover, Akansha’s mother in law also filed a case against her for the recovery, mainly of the precious jewellery that she has gifted to her “Not so sweet” ex daughter in law. Whatever may be the case, dragging our very own National Heartthrob Yuvraj Singh in this dirty matter cannot really be justified and having said that, let’s get into the in-depth reality of this whole saga.

akansha sharma

It must be noted that this is the same Akansha Sharma who first used the popularity out of being  “Yuvraj’s Bhabhi” to grab a place in the show and then kept on defaming her ex husband and mother in law in the big boss house while she was a part of the reality show.

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Moreover she clearly said that Yuvraj was never a part of it and she respects him as a person. She even wished him on his marriage but in no time she changed her statement and now trying to bring our very own National hero to disgrace. Seems like something “Fishy” cooking right up there! Whatever may be the case, we will keep updating as this “Modern Family Mahabharata” unfolds further.

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