MTV Splitsvilla 8 “2017” Winner, Contestants, Hosts Name

About MTV ‘Splitsvilla’ 8 “2015”

MTV “Splitsvilla” Season 8 has been already started from 4th July 2015 at 7.Pm. This time the theme of the show is “What Women Love. The location of the entire show is Goa where all participated boys will performs tough tasks to woo ladies. There are 16 celebrity boys and 14 non-celebrity girls participating in the show.

MTV ‘Splitsvilla’ 8 “2015” Winner

Prince and Anuki

The grand finale was aired on 14th nov 2015, prince-anuki and zaan-karishma were selected for the finale. In the finale task Prince and Anuki wins and became the ultimate king and queen of the show.

MTV ‘Splitsvilla’ 8 Hosts Name

Sunny Leone and Rannvijay Singh both are hosting the season 8 ‘Splitsvilla’. After season one this is second time Rannvijay singh is hosting any Splitsvilla season, recently he was mentor in “roadies x2”. On the other hand sunny leone is hositng this show second time.

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MTV ‘Splitsvilla’ 8 Boys and Girls Contestants Name

Alisha Sharma Abhijit Dutta
Anuki Tchokhonelidze Abhishek Yennam
Ashmita Singh Amaad Mintoo
Enakshi Sharma Gaurav Arora
Harshita Kashyap Ish Thakkar
Karishma Talwar Ishan Chhibber
Mia Lakra Nishant Anand
Priyanka Bora Paras Chhabra
Reshu Singh Prathamesh Maulingker
Sana Sayyad Prince Narula
Sarika Raina. Ravi Shukla
Subuhi Joshi Shivam Babbar
Vaidehi Srivastava Utkarsh Gupta
Veronika Rajput Viren Singh Rathore
Yash Pandit
Zaan Khan

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119 thoughts on “MTV Splitsvilla 8 “2017” Winner, Contestants, Hosts Name

  1. I think prince paras nd utkarsh are male finelist & sana priyanka & karishma are female finelist

  2. Prince should come back to the show…he actually deserves to be d winner..cannot be dumped becz of vague reasons of the queen…..prince come back n win d show..

  3. I like prince n karishma’s couple…
    after a long gap they r together Again
    n I think they will win the show
    coz they have that much potentiality n bonding I guess…

  4. Zaan is the most deserving guy to win the show and i love to see him win with anuki i hope that they will make bonding agian.

  5. Well prince narula is a real,genuine and a tough guy…prince has got all d masala to be a winner…he is a next big model in B town

  6. prince is the most worst person I HV ever seen .He trapped karishma so well to show himself a nice person n had fill ears of Everyone against the golden hearted girl karishma. u r like a shit prince after leaving karishma

  7. I think Subuhi and Ishaan desreves best to win this show, both of them looks so cute with each other! All the best guys!

  8. Subuhi u looks so beautiful n i like u so much ….i like u to win the show with Prince or either with Ishan..

  9. Watched today’s episode. ..yash….has totally lost it. …he’s been such a fake throughout. ..loser. …
    Watch him fight girls on the show now that he is back. …

  10. I love karishma d most!!!! I think she is d most poweful n deserving personality in splitsvilla 8.. All d best ….

  11. tell me who is the winner of the game because i love you subuhi i love you subuhi i want you to be my partner kiss to you lets be sex please be sexy sex sex sex love you girlfriend love you kiss me

  12. Karishma and prince were so good together but destiny karishma all alone fighting god bless her everyone against and now everyone is taking the side off that fat ugly subohi disgusting


  14. Prince deserves a better girl than Karishma. She is fat and ugly lady, while prince is smart and dashing.
    She deserves like Subuhi or Anuki.

  15. prince and karishma both are deserve to be the king and queen … u…prince and karishma

  16. i think subuhi and price they are the winner and i like subuhi sooo much and i hate karishma.

  17. I think Prince and Subuhi should be the winner! both are desreving, performer and beauty also! All the best to you guys!

  18. I like prince & Karishma couple .pls don’t fight both .yaar pls pachup your relation Yarr .then I am so happy u r both next king & queen and your both deserve win this show.all the best u. and hate subhuhi bcauz tu khudhko bahut kahi ki queen samzti hai per WO hai to inssan kisi ko itna kam mat samzna chahiye ki wahi zeet jaye
    And subhuhi over confidence mai Jeena chhod de kahi ghassitke niche na girna pace.

  19. i love u karishma my west wishes are with you dont worry that u r alone in the villa god is with u u deserve to be the winner of this season and a better connection than prince all the best dear play ur game wisely.

  20. Zaan is actually a nice person. He is a deserving contentant and he should win this show with Anuki.

  21. Zaan is most deserving because he had win all his task. Only one in splitsvilla to win 7 task. No one have ever done this before in splitsvilla history. Best of luck zaan.

  22. I truly respect and love ZAAN and KARISHMA they are so lovely and genuine,, rest all are such a…… I deadly hate PRINCE PARAS PRIYANKA SUBUHI SANA UTKASH ANUKHI they are big player and fraud cheaters I don’t even like to c their faces,, i love u karishma and ZAAN be the winner love u…..

  23. I love u prince.. u r so cute yar. and pls dnt fight wid karishma .. i wan prince and karishma.. win dis season…. I m a big fann of urs prince i lov u hny.. u r jst a swt hrt….. uuuuuummmmmhhhhhhaaaaa….

  24. I want to f@#k subuhi she is so hot I want to kiss her I want to have s#x with subuhi…..

  25. I want prince win this show .. He I the real player .. He is the man of his words… Real King .. Bro keep going destroy everyone.. Nd I just heard prince nd anukhi won this show … Is this true if it is true I am so happy because no one is best then prince …

  26. Love the jodi of Prince and anuki???

    C’mon zaan still supporting you. love h’ve showed what you can do.


  27. Priyanka you are best
    I like prince and zaan
    Sana u are mad your boy frnd is looser
    But u look nice sana

  28. Zaan ♡♡♡♡♡
    U r only the guy who deseerves to be in splitsvilla
    rest all a asshole

  29. I want zaan n karishma to b win d show .
    Karishma I liked your comment on paras


    Zaan u d best human among all ovadr

  30. I love u zaan♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡ only u r deserve to win this show………. & ………love u yar

  31. Zaan yu deserve to be winner and karishmaa yu too… Both off yu deserves…… Zaaan you r realyy good human being….. Well playing…………


    Bhai utkarsh thoda kam bola karo kyuki khud to tumlog kuch krty nhi bas her dumping round me request krty ho ki plzzzzzzz save sana….. To sana bolti h…plzzzzz save utuu….. Bro if yu r realy player thn show by your actions nt by ur comments….
    .i wann zaaan nd karishma tp win the show………. Best of lock to yu guys….. 🙂

  32. Zaan yu deserve to be winner and karishmaa yu too… Both off yu deserves…… Zaaan you r realyy good human being….. Well playing………… … .. Bhai utkarsh thoda kam bola karo kyuki khud to tumlog kuch krty nhi bas her dumping round me request krty ho ki plzzzzzzz save sana….. To sana bolti h…plzzzzz save utuu….. Bro if yu r realy player thn show by your actions nt by ur comments……. . . . . . . .i wann zaaan nd karishma tp win the show………. Best of lock to yu guys….. 🙂 zaan yu r best

  33. Zaan is the most deserving person to win splitsvilla.I wish zaan win this show with with karishma or anuki.

  34. I like u karishma an d zaan I knew it surely u will be the wiener of sv 8
    Zaan I like u comment use ur word wisely in sv shubuhi was speech less. uttu and sana don’t repeat the same emotions in dumping zone prove ur self Prince the stupid king shubuhi the past queen sana and uttu paras ishan priyanka are tht use less one in villa and best wishes for zaan and karishma

  35. I love Karishma n Zaan bcoz both of ’em deserve to win the show……But last episode of splitsvilla 8 was pretty shocking n @that time I was literally speechless but don’t u worry guys b like warriors n give ur best n my support is always with u it doesn’t matter k 2 queen q na ho but still both of u r strong enough to compete with the whole villa best of luck my best wishes r with go rock it,,,,,,,u guys have to win splitsvilla ta k un logon ko nicha dikha sako Jo log tumhare against the aisa karara javab dena k un logon k moon band ho jaye tumhe apni izzat ka vasta Zaan Karishma plz win this show plz I have lots of expectations from both of u!!!! Give ur ?????????%

  36. I want to c Karishma n Zaan as winner couple of Splitsvilla 8…they deserve that bcz have both too powerful mind for the competition…

  37. Karishma u r d real queen ? u fought the whole show alone….either u ill win or nt but u r real king zaan nd karishma gud luck guys….

  38. I like zaan and karishma..but unfortunately prince is the winner of splitsvilla 8….and now prince is doing another show named bigg boss 9..nd i lv bugg boss…splitsvilla is finished earlier…

  39. prince i feel u r the most genuine person over here…… i want you to win with any deserving persn……
    utkarsh and sana winners of all hearts…. rest all are fake including subuhi, ishan, yash, everyone….
    biggest players karishma and zaan… very sharply played…. but that wont gain u a winner’s tag….
    if calibre is to be tested then prince is the sole name who can win or should win this show…..
    best of luck prince……. lost of love……

  40. @Pinkz.. if you are following SV8 then, you will not say Prince is deserving. He has done only 2 out of 9 tasks and out them 1 was for king contender.. on the other hand Zaan has WON 7 out of 9 task.. Karishma was unfortunate to be amaad’s partner all the time. But 1 task she was given to do alone n nailed it. Abt being genuinity. Yaar, prince ne to villa me vapas aate hi Karishma ko chod diya.. fr his image, doesn’t knw to trust partner, anuki left zaan fr game, ishaan left reshu fr subu, subu performed wid Zaan, uttu n sana non performers, priyanka betrayed her friend, paras non sense, yash n sofiya time waste – dumping me safe hue karishma se n gali dete hai usko.. karishma didnt cheat her friend until req.. task is played alone.. zaan didnt cheat a girl… y r they hated the most.. dey deserve to win, though prince n anuki has won.. n what prince said I M IN LUV WID ANUKI.. what his BB9 clip was, i m single.. bloody cheat..

  41. I like most the romanti couple Uttu & Sana you both are win the show…..@ I LOVE YOU SUNNY………!

  42. prince i like u. i just want to say u karishma is a nice girl she loves u alot plz dont broke her hrt. see u be with the girl who loves u not the girl whom u love. im urs a big fan so i just want to give u this message. i wanted u to win the show with karishma i wish u all the very best…………….

  43. yr mujhe bohot acha lagega ki karishma or prince jite,,or uttu tm kaha subuhi ka support kr rhe ho tumhe ye nyi lagta ki kon glt n syi hai….n price TM kisi ki bhi bàto Mai mat ajaya Karo…plzzz ap or karishma fr se paçhup kr lijiye plzzz,,,she’s really luvs u…..plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz???

  44. Koi v News aye ki prince and anuki won the show but for me and i think for all the audience zaan and specialy karishma is the real winner of splitsvilla 8 Because the girl who din performed in any task ,always used to come in dumping round and she has won the show it is only because of her luck but the real winner is karishma and zaan they have performed very well in each and every task .

  45. For me other than zaan n karishma who ever is winner will be happy & wish you all the very best to Prince & Anuki,Ishhan & Subuhi,Uttu & Sana…

  46. karishma … u r d most deserving person to be in splitsvilla8 … u doesn’t show fake tears … u r veryyy great person and well playin.. nd i like u to be d winner of dis show..

  47. karishma … u r d most deserving person to be in splitsvilla8 … u doesn’t show fake tears … u r veryyy great person and well playin.. nd i like u to be d winner of dis show.. d real winner is karishma …❤

  48. i dont know why anukhi won d show … she doesnt deserve .. even she doesnt perform any task … nd everytime she was in dumping round … she doesnt deserve to be an splitsvilla winner ..

  49. Zaan love you….karishma u r really such a sweet girl re. …..luv u both of u. ..u both of u shows sme humanity. ….when compare to others … u both r my best couple hy cmnnn ltzz rck d show n win the show u both really deserves ittt …..

  50. i want that krishma win d show because she deserves it… I like her styles nd d way of her talking…wse tum hmare liye winner ho chahe tum jeto ya na

  51. Comment Text* Anuki,uh dnt deserve to win this shw gal. Uh jz won bcz of prince. The real king of splitsvilla 8 iz zaan. Zaan uh hv proved urself in many tasks. Nd fo me, fo my frnz nd many people around der uaa da real winner of Splitsvilla 8. Uaa truely deserving Zaan !!

  52. I hate split’s villa season 8 coz I hate that girl anukhi n she doesn’t to be called as the queen of splits villa she dumbed zaan teaming up with prince karishma talvar is a gud Pearson.split’s villa 8 is a fucking show book of fortune fuck fuck in my openion the real winners of splits villa 8 is zaan and karishma
    and they deserves to be called as the winners of dis show and everybody against them no one ever appreciate them while they perform anukhi played nothing n now she is d winner y y yy??????????? the reason is that fucking book.karishma and zaan performed well that’s y they got finalists but how anukhi called as finalist did she n her pair prince completed the task no .then how? if book of fortune is not helped them both were throwned out of the show that’s y I’m telling the real winner’s of splits villa 8 is zaan n karishma pls use ur brain n think guys

  53. sorry some mistakes in made zaan n karishma deserves the splits villa8 trophy and they are the winners

  54. anuki & Prince is tha winners.???? I mean really???
    prince is fine…bt anuki is fake…she’s nnot at all deserve to be queen….

  55. I hate subuhi..over confident..eshaan i love you..reshu is bttr thn subuhi..subuhi i hate you..rly rly dnt lke you :@

  56. i love only anuki not any more and i want her everysecond everyminute and everyday bcoz she is soo sweet if the god give me a chance to meet her and say all to her LOVE U ANUKI ….

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