MTV Roadies Winners, Judges, Hosts Name List of All Seasons: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18

MTV  Roadies is a much acclaimed reality show telecast on MTV India. The show, which is a ht favorite among the youth , has been created by Raghu Ram and Rajiv Laxman, who have left it in 2014, with the aim to give chance to the new generation to carry the show on their shoulders with fresh and young ideas. Roadies is all about adventure and drama, with young competitors being selected from all over the country on the basis of thrilling audition rounds. Originally, Raghu Ram and Rajiv Laxman conducted the auditions, along with Nikhil Chinapa, but the task was taken over by Ranvijay Singh, Esha Deol, Vijendar Singh and Karan Kundra from the 12th season of MTV Roadies. Candidates are shortlisted on the basis of group discussion and personal interview round, where they are asked some bold and weird questions from the contestants, with the aim to bring out their true personality and attitude.

Those who are able to make it to the next round are given Hero motorbikes to explore an adventurous new journey on a decided rote, with the roadies eliminated on the way one by one, till the winner is left at the end of the journey. All the roadies have to perform in various types of tasks during the course of the show. They also play an active role in eliminating their fellow roadies and every person stands just for himself in MTV Roadies.

Here is a list of MTV Roadies winners name with photo all seasons:

MTV Roadies Season 1 Winner (2003)

Rannvijay Singh

The first season of MTV Roadies was aired in 2003, with Cyrus Sahukar as the host and a total of 8 contestants participating in it. The show was won by Rannvijay Singh, who went on to become one of the most successful personalities on MTV and also became a television and film actor.

MTV Roadies Season 2 Winner (2004)

Ayushmann Khurrana

Season 2 of MTV Roadies came in 2004, with Ranvijay Singh joining the show as its host. This season, Ayushmann Khurrana emerged victorious among the 10 contestants who participated in the show.

MTV Roadies Season 3 Winner (2005)

Parul Shahi

The third season of MTV Roadies, which came in 2005, saw the first female winner as Parul Shahi, who beat 12 fellow roadies to win the show. Ranvijay Singh hosted the show once again.

MTV Roadies Season 4 Winner (2006)

Anthony Yeh

Year 2006 saw the fourth season of MTV Roadies, hosted yet again by Ranvijay Singh. Anthony Yeh from Kolkata won the MTV Roadies Season 4.

MTV Roadies Season 5 Winner (2007)

Ashutosh Kaushik

MTV Roadies Season 5 was presented in 2007, with overseas locations like Thailand and Malaysia. Ashutosh Kaushik was the winner of this season.

MTV Roadies Season 6 Winner (2008-09)

Nauman Sait

The sixth season of the show featured the largest number of contestants till date, who were 20. Hosted by Ranvijay, it was shot in India and Australia and the winner was Nauman Sait.

MTV Roadies Season 7 Winner (2010)

Anwar Syed

MTV Roadies Season 7 went on air in 2010, with locales of India, Kenya and Egypt. Out of the 15 contestants, Anwar Syed emerged victorious.

MTV Roadies Season 8 Winner (2011)

Aanchal Khurrana

The eighth season of MTV Roadies was shot in India and Brazil in 2011 and Aanchal Khurrana, a Delhi girl, was crowned as the winner.

MTV Roadies Season 9 Winner (2012)

Vikas Khoker

MTV Roadies Season 9 came in 2012, with India and United States chosen as the shooting locales. Vikas Khoker was the winner of Season 8 of MTV Roadies.

MTV Roadies Season 10 Winner (2013)

Palak Johal

Season 10 of MTV Roadies was featured in 2013, being shot in India. It was won by Palak Johal.

MTV Roadies Season 11 Winner (2014)


Nikhil Sachdeva

MTV Roadies Season 11 was presented in 2014 and this time, Nikhil Sachdeva aka Nick from Delhi emerged as the winner of the show.

MTV Roadies Season 12 (2015)


After years of being hosted by Ranvijay Singh, the show saw a major change this year with Gurbani Judge aka Bani chipping in as the hostess. The 2015 show is shot in India and Nepal. Prince is the winner of the show.

MTV Roadies Season 13 X4 (2016)


After much anticipation, Balraj from Karan’s gang has secured the winners title in MTV Roadies X4. The winner has been announced on June 19th 2016 at around 7 PM Indian time. Other two competitors of the final round were Gaurav and Navdeesh. Winning wasn’t just a walk in the park, rather it’s been a very tough journey down the road of Roadies. For the final test, each of the finalist contestants were tested against Earth, Water, Wind and Fire.

MTV Roadies Season 14 Rising Winner (2017)

Shweta Mehta, an engineer, bikini athlete/fitness wins the Season 14 of MTV roadies. A total of 22 contestants had taken participated in the show. This time the host was GaelynMendonca, who willingly joined the show. The winner, Shweta Mehta is popular for her body-weight training, boldness and strength. The show offered Renault Duster worth Rs. 10, 00,000 as Prize Money.

MTV Roadies Season 15 Xtreme Winner (2018)

A 24-year old boy named Kashish Thakur Pundir from the Neha Dhupia’s gang became the winner of MTV Roadies Season 15. He is an MMA expert who got Renault Duster worth Rs. 12.99 lakh as prize money. If you have noticed that the prize money is lower, it had not increased over the years. In mid-season, Kashish is one of those contestantswho were linked in opposite gangs.

MTV Roadies Season 16 Real Heroes Winner (2019)

Arun Sharma from the Raftaar Gang has lifted the winner’s trophy for MTV Roadies Real Heroes. This time the show promotes the youth. With a new concept, the show welcomed various real heroes which were a gesture from the entire team. Arun took four minutes 10 seconds to complete the final task. The finale was held on 18 August 2019.

MTV Roadies Season 17 Revolution Winner (2020)

MTV Roadies Revolution was 17th Season, and Hamid Barkzi was declared the winner of this season. He is part of Nikhil Chinapa’s team who beat Jayant Yadav and Michael Ajay to win the show’s title. Hamid did a marvellous performance throughout the entire journey. From the start to now, the show has become popular among people. Now, it is one of the paths to enter the TV and Bollywood Industry.

MTV Roadies Season 18 Winner (2021)

This season is yet to start, neither its cash prize is known. According to the sources, this season will be launched soon.

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