MTV Roadies Rising 2016-17 Audition Dates, Venue, Online Registration, Format Documents

MTV Roadies is a reality show airs on MTV. Like Splitsvilla, it is also an adventurous programme of the channel. Reality shows itself scripts real life situations and also casts common persons who are not even actors. MTV roadies show conflicts and entertainment among the candidates because being a reality shows it often creates those situations that would never a part of other shows.Competitive reality shows like MTV roadies have the hosts who ask questions and also comments on the proceedings of the show.

MTV roadies bring young boys and young girls those who want spark, thrill, drama and travelling because this show is based on travelling. Firstly, the show was hosted by Raghu Ram and Rajiv Laxman and RanVijay Singh, Karan Kundra, Phlawan Sushil Kumar and Neha Dhupia judged the MTV Roadies. However, Gaelyn Mendonca and Gurbani Judge was the most recent host of MTV Roadies.


Many participants like Ranvijya Singh, Ayushmann Khurana, Parul Shahi, Nikhil Sachdeva and Prince Narula got name and famous from this show and they are now famous celebrities of India.


It is informed that fifth season of Roadies will come with the Advantage Task. In this format, the Voting out Right will be given to the winner of Advantage task time to time .It can be varied also. Karizma task will also be in this season. It is an old one, although it is not confirmed yet. The candidates need to be real and extrovert. The candidates, who are cool and real, get more chances to be selected. The selected participants were known as Roadies, and needs to start a journey performing various tasks and challenges to perform there. The candidate who will perform the task can continue the journey. Balraj Singh, a fitness trainer of Jalandhar won Roadies X4.The shoot of this season will be abroad, the later shooting were in Nepal and India. In the last episodes, contestants have Hero Karizma bike but now they will ride Hero Impulse in the show.

Eligibility of the Show:

The basic need for the participant is Hindi speaking. Judges always emphasize to speak in Hindi to gain popularity as it is Hindi Reality show. During initial GD round, the contestant must create good impression in front of moderators. They must not be impatient and over aggressive to show their point, but they must possess strong point of views.


There are some documents needed for participating in the show. The person who has a wish to participate needs to fill out the audition form and must carry all the documents which will be mentioned in the audition form.

Audition Venue, Timings and Date:

The new audition of Roadies Rising will come at your place at the end of this year, in November 27th 2016. Last year the audition took place in Pune, Delhi, Lucknow and Chandigarh. Latest information about the Audition details will be available on the website of MTV channel.

Date: 27 – November – 2016

City: Pune


Date: 30 – November – 2016

City: Ahmedabad


Date: 4 – December – 2016

City: Delhi


Date: 10 – December – 2016

City: Chandigarh

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