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Mohit Goel Mohit Goel comes as one of the most famous entrepreneurs in the country right now and he has been the brainchild behind the much talked about Freedom 251, which made all the news as the world’s cheapest smart phone, launched on 19th February 2016. Mohit goel grabbed all the news whilst launching this “world’s cheapest Smartphone freedom 251” and right within few hours of its launch, it received numerous orders from customers around the world. Mohit Goel then started his Noida based company “Ringing Bell Pvt Limited” and served the role of a director with his wife Dhaarna, who served as the CEO of the company within the same time period. Whilst experiencing all the success with ringing bells pvt. Ltd, Mohit goel then kick started another venture named in 2003, which has made its own space as the leading fruit provider, whole seller, distributor, exporter, and importer of Dry fruits, walnuts and spices across the globe.

Professional experience and career

Mohit always looked up to become a self made business right from his childhood and he ensured following the same path once he grew up. After getting through with his studies, mohit founded his firm named “Ringing bells Pvt. Ltd” and then launched its flagship product “Freedom 251 Mobile” alongside his wife Dhaarna with all the high expectations. As he was coming along with an experience of more than 16 years in FMCG, he started Familyterimeri which turned up into the leading dry fruit provider, whole seller, distributor, exporter, and importer of Dry fruits, walnuts and spices around the world.

Personal Life, Educational Background and Hobbies

Mohit Goel was born in a middle class family in a small village named Garhipukhta in the Shamli district, Uttar Pradesh (India). After finishing up with his studies from the Saint RC Convent School, he then completed his MBA from the Amity University Noida and founded “Ringing Bell Pvt. Limited”. It was under the same business firm which launched the “Freedom 251 Mobile”. Mohit then got married to Dhaarna, who then became the CEO of Ringing bells after completing her studies from the Spectrum Institute of Design and Architecture.

If we look into the hobbies and passion of Mohit goel apart from business, he loves spending his time whilst watching horror movies, doing swimming, and spending quality time with kids. He also loves making new friends and this is the reason he got a big list of well wishers around.


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