Mahabhulekh Maharashtra Online (7/12 Utara, 8A) Land Record [2019]

Maharashtra is like a dreamland for the people where the dreams turn into a reality. The state is divided into districts for the purpose of administration and each district has its own specialty. There is no doubt about the investment opportunities in Maharashtra and the fact is that the investments in Maharashtra will surely reap profits to you in short term as well as long term.

The problem is that the price of land in Maharashtra is touching the sky and hence everyone needs to be very careful while making a deal anywhere in Maharashtra. For this purpose and to protect the interest of the buyers, the government decided to list all the land records online. This is also a part of a digital India initiative. The process to find the land records is quite simple.

If you have decided to purchase the land anywhere in Maharashtra then you are at right place as we are going to share the process to verify the Bhumi Abilekh in Maharashtra. In addition to this, verifying the details can save your from a fraud deal so it is surely worth investing next 5 minutes of your time to verify the land records. Below is the procedure for the same.

Steps to Check Bhumi Abilekh Online in Maharashtra (Land Records)

Step 1: The official link to check the Maharashtra Bhumi Abilekh is and you can follow the link to visit the website directly. On the homepage, you will see the map of Maharashtra along with the 6 districts that Maharashtra is divided into.


Step 2: You will notice a drop-down menu of the page which will allow you to select the District. Go ahead and make the selection here. After choosing the District from Drop down Menu, click on Go Button and on the next page, select the Sub District.

Step 3: After selecting the sub-district, a new drop-down will appear at bottom of the first one and you will have to enter the Taluk in this drop down. Also, enter the village from the list and then select the search criteria.

Step 4: The different search criteria available are survey number, Gat number, First name, last name or Full Name. Click on search button once again after you enter the details. Now, the last step is to select the property details that you wish to check the details for.

Step 5: Before selecting the property, ensure that the pop-up blocker is disabled. If it is not disabled then disable it and click on property details. A new page will pop-up and you will have to enter the captcha code here to display the land records.

With this, the land records will be displayed.  You can go ahead and use the steps listed above to verify the details of any property. By following the above method you can also check the bhulekh of these districts such as Aurangabad, Nashik, Amravati, Nagpur, Kokan and Pune.

Also, get in touch with Jambardi Commissioner and Director Land Records Office for more clarification. The office is located in Pune and the contact number for the office is 020–26050006.






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