Madness of Competetive Exams

Competitive Exams forms a major part of student’s life in and around the world. Today Countries like China and India competitive exams such as Gaokao and JEEMAIN respectively are increasingly becoming difficult for the students to crack, even though you crack the exam you need to be at the top percentages to get your dream colleges. Students go through yearlong hard trainings to and the same is the case for students writing NEET 2018.

In our country we see students rewriting the exam year after failure in their first attempt, unless they get their dream college. At times parents force their children to get into dream colleges so that their future is secure ,but if you see the actual percentage of students who are willing to continue in engineering or medical are less than half, Only thought they have in their mind is what other options do we have. The craze for higher education is increasing in the field of Engineering and Medical.

This student present mentality of either “ENGINEERING OR MEDICAL “has given a narrow perspective of our future education, Very less amount of students are willing to take commerce or social which used to be important subjects ten, fifteen years back. These observations can be seen where universities having student strength more in technical and medical.

Although INDIA produces 15lakh graduates each year we are still struggling to make an impact on the economy of our country with such strong technical minds. So what happens to students who have so much aspiration before entering the college, Why don’t they have strong obligation to contribute to the growth of the country ,instead they prefer to get placed in some multinational company or you get settled in abroad .,and that’s how they think they are making parents proud. So where are these tough competitive exams taking our country, study in India and get settled abroad. Don’t we all need to think on the present education system and the path is taking with the present mentality of the people.

Government spends so much amount on creating World class institutes such as IIM’S and IIT’S with the intention of creating a sound place for these intellectuals and hence forth expecting some contribution from these individuals towards the country. Althogh these things are not mentioned, but this is what universities are supposed to be right, Contributing to the social upliftment in and around and also solve major complex issues in the society. But look now where the output of these institutes end up, eight her abroad or in Companies where the pay really matters for these people.

The patriotism towards our country shouldn’t come only during cricket match between India and other countries, the youth should be driven more towards the growth of society and country but presently these driving force has been reducing among the students,The kind of future we see through competitive exams been conducted it is not basically towards growth of country, Hope people really realize where we need to go with the future.

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