Maddam Sir Sony SAB TV Serial Wiki, Story, Timing, Cast Names

Maddam Sir is a comedy television series in the Hindi language which is digitally available on Sony LIV. It comes on the Sony SAB channel. The serial producer is Jay Mehta, and the production house is Jay Production. This serial has the story for the cases in Janpad police station in Lucknow. This show is about how the female cops deal with the cases bravely, smartly, and emotionally. The tagline of this serial is Kuch Baat hai kyuki jazbaat hai.

Till now, there are two seasons of this serial. The first season telecasted from 24th February 2020 to 20th April 2021, and the second season was telecasted on 7th June 2021 till the present.


Maddam Sir

This serial is based on the four female police officers working at a police station. Haseena Malik solves the cases emotionally and intelligently while Karishma is short-tempered, creating a rift. Though they have differences among them, still they have respect for each other. Due to their ideological differences, they could not stay together and decided to get a transfer. Soon Karishma became like a protective sister for Haseena, who protects her from all harm.

DSP Anubhav Singh, the cousin of Karishma, came to sort out their differences and let them know the importance of the team. Haseena falls in love with him, but Anubhav uses her in some cases. Later, he realizes that he did wrong and proposes marriage, but Haseena refuses. But still, Anubhav is waiting for one day she will say yes.

Karishma Singh is being transferred to another police station in the second season as Bulbul Pandey is not well. Here she needs to face many problems as all the colleagues are males with no ethics. She manages to discipline them. When Bulbul Pandey gets well, she is transferred to Mahila Police station, where she tries to create a rift between Haseena and Karishma.

Later Karishma got to know the truth, and all the misunderstandings got clear. For her best performance in saving the MPT team and DSP, she is offered as permanent SHO for the Jankipuram Thane. However, Karishma was instead chosen for Mahila police Thana.

In this, they solve many of the cases and overcome their weakness. They improve their strength together while solving a case with all the intelligence. At times, they express their love for each other, and other times they fight due to ideological and natural differences.

Cast Names

Gulki Joshi

She is playing the role of S.H.O. Haseena Malik. She handles the case with emotions and intelligence. She is a good leader who believes in ending the crime, not the criminal. Anubhav Singh has an interest in her and loves her. She stops Karishma Singh from taking the wrong step in rage.

Yukti Kapoor

She is playing the role of Karishma Singh, who is married. Her mother-in-law is Pushpa Singh, and their relationship is both sweet and sour. She believes in beating first and works in the opposite manner as Haseena but ends up helping her in her plan.

Sonali Pandit

She is playing the role of Counsellor Head Constable Pushpa Singh, the oldest member of the Police station and mother-in-law of Karishma Singh. She fights with her on petty issues but deep inside, his love for her.

Bhavika Sharma

Playing the role of Santosh Sharma uff Santu, Cyber Crime Specialist Constable. In charge of Cyber-crime. She behaves childishly and makes mistakes; she has a stomach ache whenever she lies or hides.


Maddam Sir aired from Monday to Friday at 10:00 pm IST. The running time of the serial is around 22-26 minutes.






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