Maa Bhoomi Telangana Land Record Village 1B, Pahani & Adangal [2019]

Telangana was formed a few years ago and earlier, it was a part of Andhra Pradesh. Telangana is also the home of beautiful cities like Hyderabad which is known for its cuisines and Nizams. Since the inception of the state, the government is establishing a proper infrastructure and there had been massive growth in Telangana. Some of the cities also have metro rail and Telangana had also been attractive people because of the opportunities it offers to them.

With developing real estate market, this is surely the right time to invest in property in Telangana but before you pay the token money to the owner of the property, ensure that you have checked the records of the property. Earlier, you had to visit the government offices to check the land records but because of the digitalization, the lands are now available online.

In this article, we have listed the process to check the land records in Telangana and the procedure is quite simple. You can refer to the steps below and we are sure that you will be able to get the property details. If in case you notice any mismatch between the details shared by the owner and the land records, you can then reach out to the land department to verify the details. If you do not get a satisfactory answer then it is better to back out from the deal. Let us now look at the procedure check Online Land Records, Pahani, Adangal & ROR 1B in Telangana

Steps to Check Online Land Records, Pahani, Adangal & ROR 1B in Telangana

Step 1: The website that you need to use for verifying the records is the Bhoomi Website of Telangana. This is maintained by the state government with help of Department of Rural Development. The link to the website is

Maa Bhoomi Telangana

Step 2: From the top menu, select the reports button and this will take you to a new page. You need to select an appropriate option here to search for the land details. Once you are done, you will be prompted to enter the details of the property.

Step 3: These details that you would have to enter includes District, Taluk, Mandal, Village and category of the land. All of them are mandatory details. You will also have to choose the search criteria.

Step 4: Once you find the property that you are looking for, select the record and click on the Display All the land details will now be displayed on your screen.

If you wish to get any additional information about the land then you can use the different options available on the website. There are several other services offered by the website and this includes the services like checking the mutation status of the property. All these details can help you in finding a legit deal where you will be able to invest money with peace of mind. The technology has surely made it easy to purchase the property by bringing in transparency in the whole process.






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