List of Little Singham Cartoon Characters Cast Names

It is another animated serial that Rohit Shetty produces. It is based upon the life of Bajirao Singham. who always fights for the wrongdoers and the criminals. He also fights against the monsters. The show has several episodes. He is a super kid who the people always love. You will love to see the episodes of this serial.

Who is little Singham?

He is a wonderful kid who the little ones always prefer. He is a super kid who also fights against the lion. He is powerful and has good stamina.

Introduction to Little Singham:

Singham Cartoon

It is a fantastic serial, which focuses on Little Singham who is a powerful kid. He has extraordinary powers. However, he has some assistants who are known by the name of Rocky Cheetah, Teacher Tara, Chikki, Ajay, Lattu, Babli, Mantri ji, and many other ones.

Now, you will learn about some of the characters of this serial.

Little Singham:

He is the central role of this serial who looks after the welfare of Mirchi Nagar. He wears a Khaki dress and black sunglasses. Whenever anyone shouts Little Singham, he will appear before them. He always rushes before the people and saves them. This is one of the best qualities of Little Singham.

Rocky Cheetah:

He is a half-calf and half-cheetah villain who fights LittleSingham. Before becoming Little Singham, he was a regular guy. But the moment he met Khatarnak Khatri he became an evil being. Khatarnak Khatri told Rocky to get inside a machine that turns a man into an animal and an animal into a man.

Teacher Tara:

She is a teacher in Ajay’s school. She is engaged with the work of teaching mathematics and chemistry. She always prefers to wear a green saree with glasses.


Ajay is none other than the brave Little Singham. He wears his school uniform and goes to school. However, he does not study well because of his double role. But he is good at mathematics.


Chikki is the monkey pet of Little Singham. He has a passion for bananas. He wears a green shirt that has a painting of a banana. He is a clever monkey who always helps Little Singham in catching criminals. Little Singham loves him a lot and sings the song of Chukku Chakka Chikki.


He acts as the assistant of Little Singham, who loves to eat Dhokla and Khankra. He is a big fan of Little Singham. He is good at his studies but not good at English. He is always ready to help Little Singham.


She is an intelligent girl who is the daughter of professor Avishankar. You can recognize her because she wears rectangular glasses and a blue frock. She has a pleasant appearance. Another identity of Babli is that she is a close friend of Little Singham.

Khatarnak Khatri:

He is a junior scientist who always has an evil intention. He is one of the greatest enemies of Little Singham. He is responsible for converting Rocky into Rocky Cheetah.






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