List of Paw Patrol Cartoon Characters & Cast Names

PAW Patrol was created by Keith Chapman. It is a computer-animated children’s television program.The in charge of this production is Spin Master Entertainment. While the animation in charge is Guru Studio. In the U.S.A., the show aired on Nickelodeon on August 12 in 2013. Jamie Whitney (2013–16) and Charles E. Bastien (2016–) are the directors.

About the series

The series has a young boy whose name is Ryder. He is the leader of the PAW Patrol, a team of rescue dogs and search. They come together on different tasks to safeguard the Adventure Bay shoreline community and their environs. Every dog is trained in a specialized set of skills centered during the emergency services careers such as firefighting, police work, and aircraft piloting. For these tasks, they all reside together in doghouses which change into customized cars, or “pupmobiles.” They also have “pup packs,” which are backpacks with high technology set up in them. They store gear associated to the puppies’ duties.

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1. Ryder- Ryder is the protagonist of ‘PAW Patrol,’ and he is the Pups’ savior, leader, and instructor. He possesses a positive attitude and the talents that PAW Patrol requires to complete any task! Throughout rescue operations, his high-tech ATV can convert into a hovercraft and a snowmobile. He carries a vest with the PAW Patrol insignia on it.

2. Marshall- Marshall, the deuteragonist, is a vivacious Dalmation who works as a firefighter as well as a paramedic. He seems to be the clumsy one amongst the groups and it is all about drama. Throughout his missions, he wears a firefighter’s helmet and jacket and holds a red backpack that functions as a water cannon.

3. Rubble- Rubble is the tritagonist of ‘PAW Patrol,’ a gruff but endearing English Bulldog canine. He works in the construction industry. He possesses a construction digger capable of scooping up anything. Its pup pack is yellow, and he wears a yellow hardhat for building safety.

4. Chase- Chase is a brown German Shepherd who works as a police and surveillance dog. He is a natural-born leader and is quite athletic. He can’t have cats or birds because he’s allergic to them. He’s dressed in a blue police cap, a blue vest, and a puppy pack.

5. Rocky- Rocky is a mixed-breed mongrel that works as a recycling dog for the Green Paw Patrol. Inside his pup pack, he has a plethora of equipment. He certainly is a lot of fun and has a lot of ideas.

6. Zuma- Zuma is a bouncy Chocolate Labrador who works as an aquatic search and rescue dog. He resides in his boathouse and enjoys surfing. Inside his pup pack comprises a scuba gear and bright orange water helmet, and he utilizes his hovercraft to plunge into action when he is required.

7. Skye- Skye would be a smart white Cockapoo who works as an aviator and enjoys flying her chopper around. Her pup pack possesses wings, which let her fly.

8. Cap’n Turbot- Cap’n Turbot is PAW Patrol’s most regular caller, and he also rushes to their rescue on occasion. He’s a wacky fisherman who operates in Adventure Bay and is well-versed in marine biology. He frequently uses alliteration, which Ryder must explain to the puppies.

9. Robo-dog- Ryder and Rocky constructed Robo-Dog, a robotic dog for Ryder. The episode “The New Pup” marks his first appearance. The Air Patroller, the Sea Patroller, the Mission PAW Cruiser, the Mobile Pitstop Vehicle, the Mighty, and the Dino Patroller are among the vehicles he pilots throughout the series. He’s trained to be obedient, however, if his antenna is destroyed, he goes awry.

10. Everest- Everest is a snow rescue dog who is a female Siberian husky. Her primary mission is to respond to any snow or ice emergencies. She is the oldest member of the Paw Patrol squad, having resided on the South Pole before joining the team.

11. Tracker- Tracker is a brown-and-white Chihuahua who was rescued from the bush. She rides a jeep and has exceptional hearing. She and Carlos reside in the bush and love to play with the animals.

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