List of the Crayon Shin-Chan Cartoon Characters Names

Shin Chan is an astonishing animated series that air on Hungama TV in India, which is appreciated by the millions of the fans all around the world. This anime series is written by the well-known Yoshito Usui. Crayon Shin-chan trails the journeys of the five-year-old Shinnosuke “Shin” Noharaalong with his parents, the neighbors, as well as friends. Shin-chanprimarily came into view in a trendy Japanese daily magazine named Manga Action, which is distributed by the Futa basha.

List of the Crayon Shin-Chan characters are listed below


Shinnosuke Noharaor Shin-Chan

He is the chief character, son of  the Hiroshi as well as Misae and also Himawari’s brother. His loving name by relatives is the Shin-chan. He is only five as well as he loves the”Chocobi” branded  chocolate biscuits  and a TV superhero show  named “Action Kamen”, but he totally dislike green peppers. He loves his sister Himawari. He is a fine singer as well as pretty good baseball along with football player. He learned the camera work from his aunt Musae.


MisaeNohara   is Shin-chan’s mother who is 29  years old and she did all household activity .

Hiroshi Nohara

Shin-chan’s father and he is an affectionate father to his two children, as well as eventually a loyal husband.


HimawariNohara  isShin-chan’s sister as well as the youngest kid of the Nohara family,who born in the year 1996.


He is extremely cleverdog; frequently presenting the  logicas well as mental power that exceeds  his human owners.

Yoshiji Koyama 

He is Misae’s father as well as Shin-chanand his sister Himawari’s maternal grandfather.  He likes his grandson but gets irritated due to Shin-Chan’s attitude. He is in frequently childlikeas well as argues with his wife regardingextremely minor things.

Hisae Koyama

She is Misae’s 58-year-old mother as well as Shin-Chan’s grandmother.

Masae Koyama

She is older sister of Misaewho is 35-year-old. She is single as well as her presences on the show are unusual


Misae’s 26-year-old younger sister as well as Shin-chan’s aunt.


He is thefather of Hiroshi who is 65-year-old. Like his son as well as his grandson, Shin-chan, he take pleasure in looking at as well as flirting with the attractive childish women.


Hiroshi’s 62-year-old mother, Shin-chan’sfatherly grandmother. Though she is  more mature than her husband, she acts like as the strange more in front of the Shin-chanas well as Himawari.


Nohara is, Shin-chanas well asHimawari’s uncle, he by no meanscome into view in the anime. He is a farmer; he’s not extremelyelegantas well as hardly everarticulates any kind of emotions.

Futaba KindergartenFutaba Kindergarten   is a school in the anime

Kasukabe Defense Organization

It is one of an “organization” that Shin-chanas well as his friends shaped it as a group  .


T?ruKazama is Shin-chan’s good friend, who frequently loses his nerves as well as composure while Shin-chan acts irritating.

Nene Sakurada Nene

Sakurada isthe female classmate as well as friend ofShin-chan.

Masao Sato 

Masao Sato is the little member of the Kasukabe Defense association. He is recognized to be a scared cat as well as a cry baby.


Another of friend of Shin-chan,who is  slowas well asunresponsive, but is really prettye legantas well as has an interest in  an artistic.

Ai Suotome

Ai-chan is from a wealthy family as well as she is very manipulative as well as deliberately bends the people as per her will simply because she can.


He is warmly recognized as Yocchi. Yocchi as well as his wife Micch? meet with  Shin-chan’s family for the first time on a journey to Hawaii.


She likes to look at the horror movies   as well as collects  the stuffed dinosaurs.


She is the property-owner who  has extremely strict rules regarding  not to  allowing pets.


He lives to the next door from the Shin-chan’s family at the room no 201.

Atsuko Kutsuzoko

She is the 18-year-old mother whose manner imitates the Japanese youngest generation.


Atsuko’s   daughter who’s usually dresses in the similar fashions like as her.

Atsushi Kutsuzoko

Atsuko’s husband who is a truck driver.


He is recognized as  the Barnie Ota who  pretended as the  homosexual couples as their cover story.

Apart from thischaractersOthercharacters are


Kindergarten staff and relatives

Junichi Ishizaka

Momo Ishizaka

Ume Matsuzaka

Matsu Matsuzaka

Take Matsuzaka


Masumi Ageo




Moeko Sakurada

Nene-chan’s Papa


Kazama-kun’s Papa

Masao-kun’s Mama

Bo-chan’s Mama


Nanako’s family and friends



Saitama Crimson Scorpions




Family friends and acquaintances


Hiroshi’s boss

Misae’s and Hiroshi’s friends

Satoshi Honda

Hitoshi Honda

Fumie Mogamigawa


Robert McGuire







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