Know the Do’s of Weight Training

You might have heard about the benefits of weight training. It helps you lose fat, increases your strength and muscle tone, and improves your bone density.

However, you will be able to reap these benefits only if you perform the exercises correctly. If, on the contrary, you incorrectly perform the exercises, you will not only fail to reap the benefits but also might suffer injury.

Therefore, it makes sense for you to know the do’s, which are as follows:

Lift the Necessary Weight

Begin with a weight that you can comfortably lift 12 to 15 times. Usually, a single set of 12 to 15 repetitions that fatigues the muscles can build strength efficiently. After you become comfortable and somewhat stronger, increase the weight gradually.


Not only you, but many get tempted to hold their breath while lifting weights. Make sure you avoid this as it is a wrong practice. Never hold your breath. Instead, breathe out as you lift the weight and breathe in as you lower the weight.



Maintain Balance

Make sure you work all of your major muscles, such as the abdomen, hips, legs, chest, back, shoulders, and arms. And do not forget to make the opposing muscles, like the fronts and backs of the arms, work in a balanced way.


Taking the appropriate rest is essential to reap the benefits of weight training. You should systematically plan your exercise routine so that you can give your body the necessary rest. Therefore, it will help if you avoid working on the same muscles for two days. Likewise, you can put all your major muscle groups to work at a single session two or three times a week. You can also plan daily exercise sessions for specific muscle groups.

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The Harvard Men’s Health Watch notes that after the age of 30, most adults begin to lose 3%-5% of their muscle mass, mainly because they aren’t as fit as they were during their younger days. Losing muscle can lead to multiple problems, like:

Physical weakness

  • Lethargy and constant lack of energy
  • Difficulty maintaining healthy body weight or unhealthy weight loss
  • Lower metabolism as active tissues begin to burn more calories than fat
  • Increased risk of fractures due to lower bone strength

Tapout Weight Training includes the overall health benefits of strength training and lifting weight, helping you:

The bottom line is that weight training can play a significant role in transforming you into a complete individual. Refer to the infographic in this post to know more.






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