List of Keymon Ache Cartoon Characters and Cast Names

Keymon Ache is one of the most popular cartoon characters in Indian animated series. Most children love to watch it. It was India’s first non-mythological animated series based on the life of an ordinary boy. He gets a bag from his dad which completely changed his life forever.

Who is Keymon Ache?

He is the main character of this series. He comes from Japan in the form of a school bag. This school bag converts into a magical creature name called Keymon. The place where he comes is Toyland and enchants other toys and whatever can do through his magical powers. He can speak the Toylish language that usually speaks in the Toyland. He always uses his magic chant- Appal Pappal Chappal Chaat which means Sunlo Meri Baat.

Keymon Ache

List of Other Characters:

Rohan Tendulkar:  An ordinary school boy

He is the second main character of this show, an ordinary school kid who always misuses the magic of Keymon to solve his problems. He wears black pants and a yellow shirt at home. He has three friends, Rahul and Mini and Sid and they live in the same apartments as Rohan lives. He is always punished by his teachers just because of the keyman’s actions. He is in the average position in studies and sports as well but he is better in sports as compared to his friend Rahul.

Rohan’s Mother

She is a mother of Keymon and Rohan, known as Mataji. She loves Rohan very much but sometimes gets worried. She gets angry at Rohan for different things that he can do always. In earlier episodes, she and Rohan’s father couldn’t see the Keymon as a living being.

Rohan’s Father

Shyam Tendulkar is the third important character of this series, husband of Radha Tendulkar and father of Rohan.  He had gifted a bag to his son which is a magical bag. In earlier, he doesn’t know the truth about the bag.


Rahul is physically weak and always wears glasses. He is a classmate of Rohan and a friend too. Sid always snatches Rahul’s lunch box and bully him.


Mini is a Tomboyish girl. Rahul and Rohan are both Minis’ friends but both have a crush on her. She usually loves to play games and sports.


Sid is a naughty boy who always bullies Rahul and beat him with the help of his two sidekicks, Raja and Baja. He is quite strong and big.


Keymon makes him alive by using his magical power. It is a toy car of Rohan’s.  In case, parents are near them he already alters Rohan and Keymon.

Balaji Bopta:

It is football and speaks in stereotypical Nepali accent language.

DJ Danger:

He is a console of Rohan and alive by Keymon’s magic. He loves to play music.

Mishra sir:

He is a school teacher of Rohan.

 List of Cast Name:

  1. Editors: Vinayak Raj, Venkat Reddy, Venugopal Reddy and Sarath Babu
  2. Production Company: DQ Entertainment International
  3. Network: Nickelodeon India






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