Is Mosquito Repellent Cream Safe to Use?

Mosquitoes are not just annoyance, but they can transfer diseases like malaria, dengue, or chikun gunya due to which the number of peoples dies every year. If you think of going out without applying a mosquito repellent, then it will be a nightmare for the insects.

Mosquitoes repellent cream is useful when you are outside, but when you are inside the house, you can use mosquitoes net. Mosquitoes repellents cream will protect you from biting from insets and insects which feed on blood are attracted by the odour of the sink and breath of the human.

Read the following article to know more about the mosquito repellent cream.

Mosquito Cream

Use of mosquito repellent cream is safe?

The repellents have chemical contains which will have some effect on the person for a period. There are no proof or experimental studies to prove that these repellents are safe to use. Most of the components in the mosquito repellents are available in the market, which leads to the irritation of the sink.

You can apply or reapply the mosquito repellents, but regular use can influence the skin for a long time.

The smoke-based mosquito repellents will cause breathing and other side effects, while the mosquito cream can also cause allergies like redness, rashes, or irritation. Contact the skin doctor as soon as possible and cure it.

Instead of applying chemicals on your body, apply the natural elements like essential oil, citronella, etc. which is effective more than applying mosquito repellents. Use these oils to keep you away from the insects and mosquitoes. You can reapply the oil so that your skin will be healthy.

If you are buying the repellent, then check the below points are present in it or not

  • It should have plants such as neem, citronella, eucalyptus.
  • It should have elements like lemon oil, marigold, and lemongrass.
  • NN Diethyl benzamide chemicals are safe to use and make sure that not using the cream which contains chemical permethrin on your skin.

 Tips for using the mosquito repellents

Some of the tips for using mosquito repellents are as follows:

  1. Read the given instruction properly, which is present on the label of the product.
  2. Don’t apply it near the wounds or cuts; it might enter your body.
  3. Don’t apply it near the face and palm.
  4. Don’t use the product which contains DEET with sunscreen.
  5. Keep the product, including package and away from a baby.
  6. Don’t use the product if the expired, it can lead to some skin allergies.
  7. Read the manufacture’s date before buying it.
  8. If you find any irritation, stop using it and contact the doctor immediately.


Remember that mosquito repellents are meant to keep your body away from the mosquitoes and stop the spreading the diseases and keep you healthy from all these. Using the repellent is not safe, but you can use it not on is regular bases. While buying the mosquito repellent cream keep in mind the above tips and buy






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