ICC T20 Cricket World Cup Winner Teams List of All Seasons: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6

ICC T20 World Cup is the international cricketing event, which feature cricketing nations from around the world participating in this twenty-twenty format of the game. As the name suggests, the event is organized by ICC or International Cricket Council, the principal governing body in world cricket. The participating teams are a total of 12 in number, with ten of them being the permanent members of ICC, while the remaining two are chosen by the ICC through qualifier matches for the event. However, in the last event held in 2014, the number of teams participating in it was expanded to 16. The prestigious tournament is scheduled every second year, with an exception of 2020 ICC T20 World Cup, which will be held four years after the previous T20 World Cup, to be held in 2016. The format followed in ICC T20 World Cup starts with round robin, which is followed by Super 8s and then the semi finals and the final, in which the winner is decided. The inaugural event of ICC T20 World Cup was organized in 2007 and till date, five of the events have been conducted with great success.

Here is the list of ICC T20 Cricket World Cup winner teams for all seasons:

ICC T20 Cricket World Cup Winner Season 1 (2007)


The first season of ICC T20 Cricket World Cup was organized in September 2007, with South Africa hosting the event, though Pakistan was the first choice for it. The finale of the event was held at the Wanderers Stadium in Johannesburg, with India being victorious over Pakistan by 5 runs.


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  1. pankaj Avatar

    i love cricket. & iwatch every cricket series of india vs ____-

  2. AB BABU Avatar

    i hope india won because virat have India team

    all the beat
    and i am going India team and join team

  3. AB BABU Avatar

    i hope india win in -2016

  4. Kapil Kumar Avatar

    As per 2016 scenario I hope India will this season as well.

  5. Rahul Avatar

    May be India,

  6. Rama Krishna Avatar

    Thanks for sharing with us this beautiful information.
    Rama Krishna

  7. Phill Jones Avatar
    Phill Jones

    India will win CUP this time!

  8. Mukesh Jha Avatar

    All the best Team India .

  9. prafulla kumar sahu Avatar
    prafulla kumar sahu

    India has chance, but West Indies , south Africa, Australia, New Zealand, Pakistan are also not lees than India. They are for batter than India. T20 match any thing can happen. One over can change the match. Being an Indian I keep hope for India. Best of luck to Indian team.

  10. Bariul Islam Avatar
    Bariul Islam

    If we defeat India, it will be very good. We consider India helped us to improve our cricket.But now what ate they doing? Only India is the enemy of our cricket as we don’y worry them.They can do every possible mean to defeat Bangladesh. So we hate Indian cricket council.

  11. nikhil Avatar

    newzeland is the best team in ds tournament so I hope nz is winning ds tournament

  12. Sathya Avatar

    England ✌t20 wc

  13. Mehek Avatar

    I hope India wins
    Although I know 1-2 of the other teams don’t like India because of silly reasons like they always defeat us but I think that is very silly & foolish of anybody to think in that way and this thought breaks the very essential concept of “One-world”.
    Any which ways all the best to all teams who are playing!!!

  14. ajit Avatar

    yes is india 2016

  15. Amit karmakar Avatar
    Amit karmakar

    India will be win the icc t20 world cup because virat is come on and India’s all players are very well.virat kohli is the best t20 batsman i the world.i Will convey to god tht India will win the world cup.the most detective batsman is=raina,dhawan,pandya.besides,virat is classical batsman from anyother batsman.so everybody will tell that…..india is best for virat.’bharat Mata ki jai’!

  16. Manish kumar Avatar

    I think so that India becomes winner of T20 world cup and i hope also that if Rohit sharma’s form to become in this T20 world cup semi final.
    “And wish u all the best ”

  17. FAIZ Avatar


  18. Shivi Avatar


  19. Shivi Avatar


  20. Bikki Singh Avatar

    India shall win.



  22. nilesh aswale Avatar
    nilesh aswale

    India win

  23. Pramod M P Avatar
    Pramod M P

    one and only INDIA

  24. RAJ Avatar


  25. Naresh.T Avatar

    100% India WIN.. No Doubt about it….

  26. Namal Avatar

    How about today

  27. Dinesh Prajapat Avatar
    Dinesh Prajapat

    sorry india loss

  28. Devesh shukla Avatar
    Devesh shukla

    Finaly india lose the match

  29. rajneesh prasad patel Avatar

    Virkohli hi team ko pahuchayya aur virat hi hi duboya
    Use ne diya usi ne liya

  30. rajneesh prasad patel Avatar

    Last over ar aswin se karana chhia what are a captainceCHal gaya to nam kamaliya
    Nahi to dais india ka nuksan ho
    That not about u but india are acountry

  31. rajneesh prasad patel Avatar

    Bura na mano t20 word cup hai saspains bana rahai gara

  32. Blingo Avatar


  33. Anisha Avatar

    No worries ? India cricket team you play very well but it just about the luck that sit?.

  34. Rajesh k rawat Avatar

    I sure england will win .

  35. HARI SANKAR Avatar

    I hope West Indies will lift the worldcup.
    lets see what happens and the game is unpredictable..

  36. Aamir Avatar

    I hope westindes this cup 2016 lifted
    Inshallah ?

  37. pinki sharma Avatar

    match suru hone se phele jaldi comment kero kon jeetga w.i ya eng

  38. mohammed yasin balsaniya Avatar
    mohammed yasin balsaniya

    Westerndies is win today women.
    Today is Westerndies man is win also today.

  39. Sachin Kumar Avatar
    Sachin Kumar

    This finel match win England team . aapko kya lagta hai

  40. arun gupta Avatar
    arun gupta

    West indeas sayad.bt i dont like this

  41. Datta Avatar

    Englend won the mach 2016

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