How to use Lottoland Asia website

You may have heard of Lottoland, but you probably would like to know more about it. You want to know what it is, how it works, and whether it is safe and legit in India. In this post, we shall tackle these and other concerns you may have regarding this company.

Lottoland Explained

Lottoland is an online lottery platform that allows you to place bets on the outcome of several international lottery games. It means that you do not have to directly buy tickets to play in the world’s biggest casinos such as the Euromillions and the US Powerball.  Through the company’s website, you can bet on the result of these lotteries to take home similar prizes offered in the actual games.

How it works

Lottoland India operates as an online casino site that serves as a gateway to a diverse range of major global lottery brands. You can bet on the outcome of the official draw of several international casinos.


You are allowed to buy online lottery tickets from the company’s website. The company pays out both big and small wins to successful participants. All accruing funds can be claimed at any time.

How legit is Lottoland India?

The legitimacy of this company has been of much concern to most people. But this concern can be quickly addressed here.

Lottoland operates under license and regulation from the government of Gibraltar as much as other officially recognized companies. The company observes the highest standards and the best practices to keep its license.

Is it safe?

The government regulation under which this betting establishment operates covers the security of individuals that use the platform. The company processes users’ personal information, data, and payment details with utmost safety measures.

Offers on Lottoland

You may be wondering about the scope of things that users can do with Lottoland, but also the extent of their participation in the global games. Here it is. You can bet on any of the world’s major lotteries through this site without physically being in those countries.

To participate in the big global lottery games, you must be living in the country that operates them. But with the system offered on this platform, you are betting on the lottery’s outcome and not the lottery itself. It means that you can participate from India or anywhere else and win as big as the participants in the casino’s homeland.

Lottery games users can play

Users can play up to 28 games from different parts of the world on Lottoland India. The games which are from diverse locations include:

  • Irish Lotto
  • MegaMillions
  • French Loto
  • EuroMillions
  • German Lotto
  • Mega-Sena
  • SuperEnalotto

The games on the Lottoland India website come at different prices and the chances of winning are of different degrees.  This lottery also presents some unique games that carter to the Indian audience which includes:

Cricket Lotto – Established by Lottoland, this lotto offers the cheapest tickets at just ₹80.

Jeeto Lotto – Created by Lottoland India and offers 4 minutes draw interval. Here, the lowest ticket stands at ₹80 for a single stake.

Sambad Plus – The Sambad Plus lotto is unique in the sense that you can only play it on the Indian site with tickets as low as ₹150.


Has anyone won this lottery?

Yes. A lot of people have won in Lottoland Asia. You can find some of their testimonials on the company’s website.

Lottoland is not just another gambling outfit, it is a giant in online lottery services. You may consider them for a satisfying gambling exploit.

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